Seasoned runners know that investing in a good pair of running shoes is critical for staying comfortable while training, but the best running socks can make all the difference when it comes to preventing blisters, hot spots, and plain old discomfort. To get the low down on this indispensable piece of running gear, we asked trainers, marathoners, and everyday runners about their absolute favorite pairs of socks.

For some, added cushioning or a specific sock height is key to keeping their feet comfortable, while others prefer compression socks for extra support on long runs. Others still prioritize wearing socks that wick sweat and moisture away and keep their feet dry (those summertime runs can be brutal). Whatever their preferences, we’ve featured all of their top picks here for your perusal. 

Read on to discover our experts’ recommendations for the best running socks that keep their feet happy and comfy during long-distance training. From compression socks to those that come in breathable fabrics or merino wool, your new favorite may be among these fantastic options. Get ready to bid your blisters goodbye. 

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  • Amazon

    Balega Silver No-Show Compression-Fit Running Socks

    Lauren Ross, a runner based in Portland, Oregon, loves Balega socks in general, but the Silver line is her clear favorite for hard efforts and races. “It’s a medium-cushion sock with enough compression to stay tight on the foot—no slipping or folding to irritate,” she explains. “I’ve put these socks through the wringer, running multiple marathons and tackling long, hard workouts, and they hold up to all of it!” Even better? She reports zero holes or thinning.

  • Nordstrom

    Bombas Solid Ankle Socks

    Bombas’s ever-expanding offerings include a line of socks explicitly for running, but Kelly Glista-Anderson, a runner based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, likes these straightforward ankle socks from the buzzy brand: “These are cushiony yet don’t suffocate my feet.”