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4 Steps Astrologers Want You To Take This Week (Before Mercury Retro Strikes)

August 20, 2022 — 12:03 PM

There’s a lot to unpack this week as the sun shifts into Virgo, a new moon arrives, and Mercury retrograde looms. Here’s what The AstroTwins want you to know.

After a month of neon-bright hedonism and unapologetic excess, the razzle-dazzle simmers down this Monday, August 22.

As the Sun downshifts into earthy Virgo for a month, minimalism reigns supreme. Start a Pinterest board of clever storage solutions and efficiency hacks. And don’t forget that many of the best things in life are still free, like rides to the beach, yoga in the park—anything involving fresh air.

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Virgo is the sign of healthy habits but also devotional ones! Turn your routines into rituals. How can you make your daily tasks just a little more pleasurable? For example, set up a gorgeous (and plant-filled) environment in your workspace so you get an aesthetic rush when you look up from your computer screen. Wear clothes that are comfortable but also make you feel great—yes, even when dashing off to the gym or to pick up the kids from practice. Take a few extra minutes in the evening to prepare a nourishing lunch for yourself that you can bring to work the next day (you might just make a couple of extra portions of your nightly dinners for this purpose). And when the moment of choice arises either to be helpful or pretend you didn’t see someone struggling, stop and give ’em a hand for two seconds. The caring vibes will come back to you in the form of genuine support and connection with the people you see every day.

On Wednesday, August 24, game-changing Uranus does an about-face, backing up through Taurus for its annual retrograde.

Between now and January 22, 2023, progress may stall and money could get funny. You might need to pick up a side hustle or start an indie venture to keep the books balanced. On a broader level, assess this: How well are we cooperating as humans? When the side-spinning planet shifts into reverse, it can slow (or outright halt!) progress. Since Uranus began its uncomfortable eight-year trek through Taurus in May 2018, there’s been a war between rapidly moving scientific developments and stubborn “old school” beliefs. Futuristic Uranus loves to push the envelope. Traditional earth sign Taurus wants things to stay the way they’ve always been. Can you see the contradiction here? Navigating the balance between old and new could force some deeper introspection for the rest of 2022.

On Thursday, August 25, Mercury begins its first of two passes through fair-minded Libra, highlighting any imbalances in our social interactions.

Start leveling the playing field now, before the messenger planet spins retrograde on September 9. Aim for mutuality and a solution that takes all parties’ needs into consideration. Even if it takes a little longer to hammer out the details, the long-term payoff will be worth it. Pro tip: Get contracts signed before the September 9 backspin—or wait until Mercury corrects course on October 2 (in Virgo). Hashing out creative compromises could spur some fascinating discussions for the next few weeks. Romantic ones, too, so let yourself be transported to a heady space whenever possible. Remember that communication is as much about listening as finding the perfect words to express your point of view. Pay extra attention to aesthetics. Visual cues are Mercury in Libra’s love language!

Cleanliness is next to godliness on Saturday, August 27, as the year’s only new moon in neat-freak Virgo arrives.

Those distracting piles and unchecked messages take up a lot of mental energy—even if you think you’re ignoring them! And with stressful Mars in Gemini elbowing the new moon, you could have a meltdown trying to dig for that lost item. Rather than letting it get to that point, open up your Notes app and make a list! Over the next two weeks, start ticking off tasks one at a time. Since wellness is also in Virgo’s wheelhouse, let this lunar lift reboot your fitness goals. Temperatures will soon be perfect for more outdoor activities, where earthy Virgo reigns! Could your meals be healthier, your sleep more sanctified? Feather your nest with everything you need to keep your body humming like a well-oiled machine—from a fridge full of fresh produce and snacks like raw almonds in the pantry to an essential oil diffuser on your nightstand.

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