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October 7, 2022 — 23:24 PM

With each full moon, we have an opportunity to take stock and release—and this weekend, there’s a full moon in Aries headed our way. It will peak in skies on October 9 at 4:56 p.m. ET, and depending on your zodiac sign, this moon will affect you in different ways.

Here’s what each sign (sun and rising sign!) should know for the full moon, according to astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D.

This full moon is all about you, Aries, as it lands in your first house of self and personality. According to Budd, this moon encourages your assertion and expression, but it also may bring awareness to a struggle you have regarding your appearance, self-esteem, and personality.

“There could be an opportunity to heal an emotional wound, possibly involving your mother. Jupiter is in your sign right now, presently in retrograde, bringing an inner spiritual or psychological focus,” she explains, adding, “Your ruler Mars is in a favorable sextile relationship to this full moon, increasing the chances that the moon marks a fortunate moment of personal achievement for some of you.”

Budd also notes there could be a new relationship or professional opportunity developing for some of you and suggests thinking about reaching out to a friend or sibling for a conversation this week. “If there’s something you’ve been avoiding, now’s a good time to take action,” she says.

For the Taureans out there, this could be a transformational full moon for you, as it affects your 12th house of the unconscious, unity, and transcendence, Budd explains.

Whether a previously hidden emotional wound comes to your awareness, you’re undergoing a personal transition or transformation, or you just feel more connected to the collective at this time, Budd says change is a theme for much of this year for you, and this moon is no exception.

Under these moonbeams, she adds that a relationship may be beginning or ending, and in either case, the outcome is ultimately fortunate. “This moon carries extra meaning because your ruler, Venus, is involved. It is conjunct the sun, opposing the moon,” Budd says, adding, “Some of you may find yourself accepting a new job and possibly feeling frustrated with it. Hang in there—this entire year is tricky for Taurus. The key theme is learning to be more flexible and comfortable with change and uncertainty.”

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Prepare for a busy social calendar under this full moon, Gemini. (Something you likely have no problem with!) As the moon activates your 11th house of friends, social engagement, and hopes and dreams, Budd says, there’s an infusion of energy for you right now, including an opportunity to express yourself and have fun. You’ll likely be feeling very independent, too.

“Your children, if you have them, may be doing well and/or connecting with you,” she explains, adding, this is a good moon to connect and communicate with family. “Socially, there’s potentially an opportunity to heal an old wound, repair a relationship, and examine your goals and dreams,” she notes.

And speaking of goals and dreams, Budd tells mbg under this moon, you may realize you cannot do it all—or at least not right now. “For some of you,” she adds, “there’s an opportunity to show up as a healer, teacher, or leader during this full moon.”

Feeling professional, Cancer? You very well might be, as this moon highlights your 10th house of work and public image. Budd explains there could be a painful realization about your work, though there is also the opportunity to heal or adjust expectations as a result.

“Career is a focus for you right now, though home and family are always in your heart. Some of you may be moving or contemplating changes to your home with this moon,” she notes, suggesting to ask yourself questions like, Who do I want to be? Where do I want to live? And what do I need to do to get there?

“There may be an opportunity to share some quality time with your family during this moon—take it!” Budd says, adding that this moon also provides an opportunity for you to examine your needs within your home so you can ultimately support your work or public life.

This is going to feel like a particularly expansive full moon for you, Leo, as it lights up your ninth house of learning and exploration. According to Budd, you may be embarking on (or completing) an educational experience, or perhaps you’re in the midst of a philosophical realization.

She also notes that some of you may be starting or ending a job with this full moon, while others may have a legal issue that’s close to a resolution. “Unfortunately,” she notes, “because Chiron is involved with this moon, even if the situation goes in your favor, there will be some painful lessons to process.”

Additionally, some Leos out there could have something published on or just before this full moon. In any case, communication and relationships are a focus right now, Budd says, adding to do your best to consider the others in your life, asking yourself what they need and how you can resolve situations in a way that is pleasing to, or fair for, all.

Strap in for an emotional full moon, Virgo. Budd tells mbg it will be activating your eighth house of birth, death, psychology, and transformation, and as such, it will be powerful but possibly difficult. Many Virgos may be undergoing changes that aren’t flowing as easily as they might like, she says, and there’s even the potential for a birth or death within your circle.

“One clearly positive potential is that there could be a financial gain or benefit—a new client, unexpected payment, etc.,” Budd says, adding that the good news is, your mind is strong this month.

“After a week or so of less clarity, with your ruler Mercury opposing Neptune (and recently coming out of retrograde), your natural analytical abilities are coming back into prominence,” she explains. Your ability to engage and communicate is also enhanced right now, thanks to an approaching opposition between Mercury with Jupiter. Subsequently, “There may be an opportunity to express or communicate in a public forum,” Budd notes.

Good news, lovey-dovey Libras: This moon involves your seventh house of relationship and connection, so you’ll be feeling right at home. And according to Budd, with the sun in your sign right now, this full moon is extra important for you.

“You may be experiencing a relationship milestone or moment of joy due to your ruler, Venus, being in your own sign, conjunct the sun during this moon,” she explains, adding, “A few of you might experience a disappointment in one of your relationships, though this ultimately is an opportunity for healing and growth.”

There’s also the potential under this moon to publicly share something you’ve created, or even entertain friends, according to Budd. “There’s a favorable grand trine involving the sun and Venus, Saturn, and Mars during this moon,” she says, noting that this may bring an opportunity to make a beneficial commitment, share your thoughts and ideas on an important topic, or take action in a helpful way. “Libra can be indecisive, but in this case, the path is clear. Do it!” she adds.

There’s a lot going on for you under this full moon, Scorpio, as it lights up your sixth house of work, service, health, and routine. According to Budd, some Scorpios may experience a work- or health-related challenge—and simultaneously, an opportunity for healing—since both Chiron (the wound) and Jupiter (the opportunity) are involved.

“Some of you may be experiencing challenges on the homefront or need to make a commitment in that area of life,” she explains, adding that others may meet someone of karmic importance—romantically or professionally.

Budd suggests examining your communication and considering if there’s anything within your typical patterns that could be improved and transformed. “This is possibly not the easiest time for many of you since your ruler forms a T-square (a challenging configuration) with the moon,” she tells mbg, adding to take a deep breath, have compassion for yourself and the situation you are in, and trust your intuition to guide you. “This moment represents another milestone in a fairly karmically challenging year—the initiations you are experiencing are making you stronger,” she says.

Feeling romantic, Sag? With the moon affecting your fifth house of romance, children, creativity, and fun, this is a nice moon for you, according to Budd. “You probably have extra energy right now and could even have a crush or flirtation happening,” she adds.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. Chiron, which represents our core wounds, is involved in this moon, so it’s also possible there’s a disappointment romantically, or with one of your children, if you have them. But since Venus is also active with this moon, “any wound or difficulty is likely to achieve meaningful healing or resolution,” Budd explains.

Additionally, your ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde right now in the sign of the full moon, Aries. As such, Budd says you may be looking internally quite a bit lately and pondering what you want to do and how to best achieve it. “Assertion is a theme for Sagittarians while Jupiter is in Aries. Consider offering something of public benefit or service to your community—that’s a great moon-congruent way for your assertive energy to manifest,” she notes.

With the moon activating your fourth house of home, family, and inner life, Capricorn, Budd says you may be experiencing a wound or disappointment regarding these areas of your world—but there’s also the possibility for you to do some perspective-shifting.

“A professional opportunity may come with this personal challenge,” she notes, recommending looking for new ways to shine and share your gifts, even if your foundation is rattled. “Your ruler, Saturn, is retrograde in airy Aquarius and has recently tightened its ongoing (~yearlong) square with Uranus,” she says, explaining that this agitating energy creates stress and instability for some Caps out there.

“You’ve been through a lot over the past few years, with many tough transits through your sign. This month, security, money, home, groundedness, and family are themes of importance,” Budd tells mbg. “Be mindful of a possible ‘relationship wobble,’ and ponder how you can improve your inner stability and trust, even if your external circumstances are less steady than you need or desire,” she adds.

Heads up Aquarius: This moon affects your third house of communication and siblings, and according to Budd, there may be a wound around communication, a way of thinking, or an issue with a sibling coming to a peak. There could also, however, be an opportunity to teach or share something, she notes.

“You may be examining your sense of philosophy or spirituality right now and coming to some new realizations or understandings about truth,” she says, explaining that it’s been a heavy year for many freedom-loving Aquarians, thanks to orderly Saturn in your sign, squaring your ruler, Uranus.

Additionally, Budd notes that Uranus is conjunct the north node for about seven to eight months this year, bringing many karmically important experiences and adjustments—almost like tests. “This is a time for uncovering more about what you want and need to do in this lifetime and how to best fulfill the visionary impulses and bit of genius you contain,” she says.

Money and stability are the name of the game under these moonbeams, Pisces, as the full moon highlights your second house of finances, possessions, and security. According to Budd, this is a moment for some of you to activate what you want, financially speaking, and go for it. There could even be a financial gift from someone under this moon, she says.

“Many of you find yourselves dealing with money matters right now, perhaps coming to some new understanding regarding your relationship to security, both physical and emotional,” she explains, noting that Pisces is a less structured sign, but this moon is asking you to get a bit more clear and intentional, particularly regarding finances.

And if thought, priorities, and communication have been a little nebulous lately, Budd explains that your ruler Neptune has been opposing Mercury the past few weeks, and this influence is thankfully fading. “Some of you are facing a psychological struggle or addiction and will work toward transformation with this full moon. If you have the opportunity to speak or share your truth, you may help others while learning more about yourself in the process,” she adds.

Regardless of your sign, this full moon in Aries is sure to lay something unique on the table for all of us—and it may be impossible to ignore. While there is the potential for wounds to arise under these moonbeams, there is also an incredible opportunity for growth, transformation, and healing.

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