With the holidays in full swing, it’s not surprising if your days are feeling hectic, jam-packed, and well, a little bit blurry. All of the errand running and endless gift buying can feel draining—which is exactly why we’re here to remind you to take breaks. One of the ways you can do that? Some gentle movement. 

Here us out: We’re not talking a 60-minute power-lifting routine or even a multi-mile run. While the general recommendation for exercise is 30 minutes per day, research has shown that mood improvements can be seen with as little as 10 to 15 minutes of movement. And during this frenzied time of year, we suggest making that movement something that’s specifically targeted at clearing your head and re-energizing your body. Perhaps a de-stressing, tension-releasing, “wow-this-actually-feels-great!” stretching routine? 

That’s the idea behind this week’s playlist, which is designed to power your favorite yoga flow, calming stretching routine, or even a 15-minute walking break. On this list, we start out slow with a remix of Portugal the Man’s “Feel It Still,” then take things up a bit toward the middle with “Gust of Wind” by Pharrell Williams and the RAC Remix of Joel Blackmon’s “Get Over You.” Toward the end, we wind down with instrumental low-fi beats from artists like Glassio and Tone Ranger, finishing with an absolute classic: “Claire de Lune” played beautifully on the ukulele by Harry Kalahiki. 

As always, you’re welcome to do whatever you’d like with these playlists, but in an effort to make things even easier, here are a few routines that we think would pair perfectly with these songs: 

Whatever type of movement you choose to do, we hope it leaves you feeling a little more energized and ready to tackle the rest of your holiday to-do lists. You’ve got this!