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mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

1/2023 full moon sign by sign

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January 5, 2023

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The first full moon of the year is gearing up to be an emotional one, falling in the sign of Cancer, but depending on your astrological sign, it’s going to impact us all differently. Here’s what each sign needs to know for this full moon, according to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D.

Note: Be sure to check your sun and rising signs, and your moon sign if it resonates.


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Aries, not only does this full moon in Cancer fall in your domestic fourth house (the house ruled by Cancer itself), but you’re also a fellow cardinal sign, like Cancer. According to Pennington, Aries will be squaring the full moon, which could create some tension, but you’ll ultimately be feeling inspired to initiate or jump forward. Capricorn season is highlighting both the structures—and limitation—you’re dealing with, while the moon highlights your deepest desires, she explains. Just remember, Mars and Mercury are both retrograde, so “plan accordingly and know that there’s support for taking initiative,” she adds.


This full moon highlights your third house of communication and local community, Taurus, but it won’t all be smooth sailing. In fact, Pennington advises expecting the unexpected, as Uranus makes it way through your sign, forming a sextile with the full moon. Your ruling planet, Venus, just entered Aquarius as well, which according to Pennington, may usher in a sense of innovation (or upheaval?) around your love life. “Taurus should stay authentic, especially emotionally—and just remember to stay steady through the unexpected that comes up,” she tells mbg.


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Money on your mind, Gemini? It might be, with the full moon lighting up your second house of finances. Pennington also notes this full moon could amplify some final Mars retrograde markers for you, including deep reflection and release. Luckily, however, Venus in a fellow air sign, Aquarius, could temper some difficulties, including Mercury retrograde’s scrambling energy. “I would advise Gemini to look for ideas, but they may still have go slow,” Pennington says, adding to “stay out of the fray” and use Mars in Gemini to help you pinpoint how you can accomplish the things you’ve been working on throughout its retrograde period.


This is your full moon, Cancer, and it’s going to be an emotional one, or as Pennington refers to it, “passionate and extreme.” It lands in your first house of identity and self-image, but with Mars and Mercury both retrograde, and this moon opposing the sun in Capricorn, clarity might be hard to grasp. Think back to the new moon in Cancer six months ago, and what things have been continuously coming up for you since then, as Pennington notes these things could be coming to a boiling point now. “Cancer people should should plan on having a mood, whatever it may be, and then just honor whatever that is,” she adds.


Next month’s full moon is in your sign, Leo, which means this month’s full moon in Cancer is all about getting poised to take the stage (AKA releasing in a major way). Landing in your 12th house of endings and the subconscious, Pennington notes right now is a chance to share the stage, and even let someone else take the mic. And with your sign forming an opposition to Venus in Aquarius, she adds, you can use that energy to come up with new approaches to Venusian themes like relationships and pleasure, as well as leaning into the Aquarian qualities of healthy detachment while still helping the collective.


Lighting up your 11th house of friendships and networks, Virgo, this full moon could be a busy one for you. Just remember, Pennington tells mbg, your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde for much of this month, and Mars is still retrograde as well, so a good word to keep in mind is discernment. Nevertheless, you could experience a fresh sense of hunger or desire that counters your typical tidiness or carefulness, which Pennington says can help you access a more unfettered attitude. “For Virgo, they might consider that they have the power to speak and to do it really well in the mode that they like under this moon,” she adds.


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If you’ve been trying to make strides in your career, Libra, you could see progress under this full moon, as it lands in your 10th house of career and legacy. According to Pennington, because Libra is a cardinal sign like Cancer, this moon could also inspire you to get something started (or even get something done). And with Venus freshly in fellow air sign, Aquarius, she notes that Libras can access a more analytical and innovative POV when it comes to how they’re approaching things. “Hold steady and consult Venus,” Pennington tells mbg, adding, “Libra is good at balancing and this is a moon that calls for balance.”


Given that this full moon is in a fellow water sign, Scorpio, Pennington explains that a lot of emotions could come up for you around this time—not that you’ve ever been afraid to operate in the depths! It’s also landing in your ninth house of travel and philosophy, so if you’ve been feeling contemplative and/or itching to travel, that would be why (and it’s not a bad time for a little getaway, to that end). Mars and Mercury are both still retrograde, however, so things could feel chaotic, but also encourage you to revisit anything that you have yet to fully resolve, or even revisit an area of higher learning you’ve had on the backburner.


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This moon comes with an extra dose of eroticism, Sagittarius, landing in your eighth house of transformation and sex. And with Venus in quirky Aquarius, the urge to try new things on the frisky front could take center stage. According to Pennington, your sign can likely evade a lot of the emotional chaos this moon may bring, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be totally unaffected. “Sagittarius usually feels like going beyond, expanding, or breaking the rules, but they should be advised to slow down, take their time, consult their own emotions, and recognize that they’re a fire sign and this energy is like a waterpark,” she explains.


Feeling warm and fuzzy, Capricorn? This Cancer full moon lights up your seventh house of long term partnerships, so your desire for intimacy around this emotional moon could be palpable. You’ve also got both the sun and Mercury retrograde in your sign, which could create somewhat of a “line in the sand” around communication, Pennington tells mbg. The big theme for you under this moon, she says, is avoidance, and particularly trying to avoid avoidance. “Meet the moon in the eye,” she says, adding to not shy away from big emotions that could arise. Cancer is your opposite sign, after all, so tension could be high—but denial will only make it worse.


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If things have been feeling rough for you, Aquarius, this moon could welcome some much needed relief, and also lands in your sixth house of health and service. As Pennington explains, Saturn (the planet of structure and challenges) is on its way out of your sign soon, meanwhile Venus just entered it. “There could be some solutions to things that have really been plaguing Aquarius people for the last couple of years, but especially since summer. Now it’s almost in the final resolution, or culmination, or finishing of that,” she tells mbg. Her advice? Be respectful to yourself and others now, and don’t look away from your emotions and desires.


Pisces, this full moon lands in your fifth house of self-expression and creativity, and given it’s in a fellow water sign, your emotions are almost sure to flow, whether they be happy tears or sad ones. According to Pennington, your already heightened sensitivity could be even more emboldened under this moon, as will your creative juices. Plus, Neptune is in your sign now and will be for a while, encouraging you to rise above limits and turn paradigms upside down. “For Pisces people, they have the chance to feel good under this moon, because it’s supporting their way of being,” Pennington adds.

The takeaway.

Whenever there’s a full moon in a water sign, the name of the game is emotional release, and no matter your sign, we’ll all be feeling that. But as the first full moon of 2023, whether you’re feeling emotional or not, it is a great time to let go of old baggage as the new year gets underway.