What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know For Wednesday's Full Super Moon

Each zodiac sign is affected by planetary motions in different ways, and this month’s full super moon in Capricorn is no exception. Here’s what each sign needs to know for the upcoming moon falling on Wednesday, July 13, at 2:37 p.m. EDT, according to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D. (Don’t forget to check your sun and rising signs!)

Aries, according to Pennington, you could be feeling super inspired right now—if not a little intimidated—with this full moon amping up the existing energy of Chiron and Jupiter in your sign.

“Chiron represents a long-term reminder of what needs to be tended to, or things that just need to heal. How can you use this moon, which is going to be about careful foundations, to protect and nurture things that need healing?” she suggests asking yourself. With the help of the full moon’s illuminations, answers may become clear, and you’ll feel optimistic to rise to the challenge.

With both the North Node and Mars in your sign, trining the full moon in Capricorn, Pennington explains that Taurus can expect swift-moving changes, with plenty more to come. This full moon, she says, may force you to look at the truth of reality, and further, the slow, earthy maintenance necessary for you to support yourself through these massive shifts. “It’s all about stability, finding your foundations—so think about what structures you have in place to allow you to change, especially if you don’t want to,” she adds.

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According to Pennington, this moon offers a great time for a Gemini to infuse their life with love and beauty—and let go of anything that’s in the way. With Venus in your sign and the full moon focusing on responsibility and structure, she notes that even the seemingly mundane aspects of day-to-day tasks can be beautiful, grounding, and overall positive. “Pretty soon Venus is going to leave Gemini, and then Mars is going to be there for a long time, so it’s a time of getting ready for action. What can you do to turn beauty into a foundation?” she says.

For Cancer, this moon cycle began in your sign on the new moon, and now that it’s full (in opposing Capricorn, no less), you’ve likely been working through some intense emotional sensitivity, Pennington explains. “This was a really intense new moon about sensitivity, emotion, the way we need to be cared for and nurtured,” she tells mbg. Mercury in Cancer, she adds, is going to highlight themes of communication and creating safe spaces for voicing emotion, in order to integrate them into the material realm.

The next new moon will be in Leo, so Pennington says this is a great time to take stock for your upcoming season at the end of the month. You might feel like you’re getting a bit of a break right now, like you can take it easy, she explains—and you can! “It’s a time of rest and observation,” she notes, adding Chiron and Jupiter in Aries are forming an optimistic trine. You might feel a bit of resistance, due to Leo squaring Taurus, so if you do, Pennington suggests fortifying your sense of self-esteem before you step into the spotlight.

Virgos have a bit of a reputation for being critical—of themselves and others. And according to Pennington, this moon is a great opportunity to flex some sensitivity on the communication front. With Mercury (which rules Virgo) in sensitive Cancer, and the Capricorn full moon encouraging structure and foundation, she suggests asking yourself how you can communicate in a way that’s both productive and nurturing. “It’s not a time to be hard on yourself—this would be the chance to find a different way to focus on the details,” she adds.

This could feel like a particularly intense moon for you, Libra, as it’s squaring your sign, Pennington explains. But, Venus in Gemini is also forming a nice trine with your sign, so try to tap into the beauty of it all. “Be serious about what you care about; what interests you,” she says, adding that Libra is all about finding the bridge, or the balance, between seemingly opposing forces. At this time, she adds, you’ll find comfort in figuring out how you can contribute to the collective going forward.

Prepare to plunge into the depths, Scorpio. Pennington notes that since this moon cycle began in fellow water sign Cancer, and Scorpio is also sextiling the moon and trining the sun, emotions may run high during this full moon. “Scorpio supports the Cancer tendency to go deep and be intense—it’s constantly engaged in unearthing things and also putting up a defense strategy for what’s going on.” This full moon, she adds, intuition will be strong and dependable, shining a light on whatever it is the Capricorn moon is asking you to build up.

According to Pennington, Sagittarius is a bit averse to what’s happening right now, preferring to be unbeholden to Capricorn’s disciplinary tactics. That said, she notes, there’s also a sense of optimism, with Jupiter in Aries trining Sagittarius.

The best thing for Sags right now, she tells mbg, is to slow down and appreciate what’s coming up for you, as well as for the people in your life. “Notice your body, notice your emotions. There might be a tendency not to do so at this time, but just try to slow down, and that will help with centering and groundedness,” she adds.

This is your full moon, Capricorn, so let yourself bask in the spotlight (or moonbeams) and do what you do best: lay foundations. “There’s a sense of gravity and intensity,” Pennington explains, adding, “Capricorn is associated with climbing a mountain really slowly, and also with money, and taking care of food, shelter, etc.” During this full moon, you’re being asked to actually take care of these things in a real, material way. “And so it’s about hard work. Where’s the next climb? What is to be released and let go of?” Pennington suggests asking yourself.

This full moon is a great opportunity for you to reflect and release, Aquarius, with Venus and Saturn retrograde forming a supportive trine to your sign. Pennington explains that all this air sign energy will have you feeling particularly intellectual, and you may be thinking about what you’ve gone through in recent months in a new way. “There’s a sense that you could get beautifully intellectual about things and processes in your life. This is really the space to get airy through the whole moon cycle,” she says, adding through your reflections, the Capricorn moon will shine light on how to move forward.

Last but not least, Pennington says this full moon is a great time for Pisces to take Capricorn’s heavy seriousness and channel it into something artistic and creative. With the new moon beginning in fellow water sign Cancer, Pisces will be feeling into the emotional realm, and they can then transform it into something tangible, making way for an outlet of expression. “Pisces has this way of taking anything and changing the paradigm or flipping it around,” she explains, adding that now’s an opportunity to look at what in your life can be looked at inside out and transformed with deep commitment.

This week’s Capricorn full moon asks us all to take the emotional energy of the Cancer new moon a couple of weeks ago and bring it into the material, in order to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Regardless of your sign, we’re all sure to feel the effects of this serious and disciplined moon.