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Curious What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Appearance? Here's A Guide

If you’ve ever tried to play the guessing game of figuring out someone else’s zodiac sign by their appearance, here’s the thing: Your look is actually more closely related to your rising sign than your sun sign. That person you swore was a Capricorn? They may actually be a Capricorn rising.

Of course, a person’s appearance can’t be traced back to their zodiac sign alone, but it’s interesting to consider the way that astrology can relate to physical characteristics. Here are a few telltale traits of each and every rising sign.

Aries risings are known for having athletic builds, childlike faces, square jaws, and distinct facial features. They may have reddish hair and/or a flushed appearance to their skin. This rising sign is also somewhat accident-prone, so they may have scars or visible injuries.

Your Taurus risings are going to naturally give off the earthy, laid-back energy of Taurus. They typically have darker features, such as brown eyes, and dark, curly hair. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so Taurus risings tend to be pretty conventionally attractive.

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Gemini risings can be spotted through their expressive communication style, along with their face shape, which is typically elongated. They have an animated way of talking, with eyes lighting up, lots of gestures and movement, and overall enthusiasm (or lack thereof) written all over their face.

Cancer rising features tend to mimic the moon, which rules them, with a round, soft, and somehow comforting face. Their eyes are often round and deep, and this rising sign is also known for having a pronounced chest region, whether that’s a broad chest or larger breasts.

Leo risings may be one of the easiest to spot, due to their lion-like mane of thick hair (which frames their diamond-like face pretty nicely, too). They carry themselves with a certain importance, which translates to confidence, holding themselves sturdily, and giving off an air of regality that’s quintessential to Leo.

When it comes to Virgo risings, these are the folks who are prim, proper, and well-refined. They have a subtle beauty to them characterized by simple and elegant clothing style, hairstyle, etc. They’re also known for being on the shorter side and having softer facial features.

The other sign ruled by Venus, along with Taurus, is Libra. In the case of Libra risings, just like Taurus, these folks tend to be pretty conventionally attractive, with subtly cute characteristics like dimples, pouty lips, and overall gracefulness. They’re also known for being symmetrical and very outwardly charming.

If you’ve never heard of the “Scorpio stare,” Scorpio risings have a way of looking right into your soul (often with a downturned head, so they’re almost looking at you through their brows). That’s one quick way to spot them, along with dark-colored hair and eyes, a serious expression, and a muscular frame.

Sagittarius risings are known for having open and expressive faces, along with big, inviting smiles. This sign is all about new things, and that attitude translates into the way they carry themselves. Sag risings also tend to be athletic and tall, with particularly long limbs.

Capricorn risings would likely be easiest to mix up with Virgo risings, as both lean on their refined and elegant sense of style. Capricorn risings can appear mature and even serious and typically have small but defined facial features. They’re also known for dark, straight hair.

If Leo risings are the easiest to spot, Aquarius risings are right up there with them. Between their typically larger forehead and even larger eyes, Aquarius risings have an almost out-of-this-world appearance. These are also typically eccentric folks, which can translate to creative style choices or multicolored hair.

Last but certainly not least, Pisces risings have a dreamy appearance, with round eyes and long lashes that reveal the depths of their soul. They tend to appear graceful, soft, and even whimsical, with an ethereal way of carrying themselves. They’re also known for typically being on the petite side.

We’re by no means saying astrology takes precedent over genetics, background, or personal style, but given the signs’ associations with certain qualities and characteristics, you might be amazed to see just how obvious people’s risings signs become when you know what to look for.

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