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By Jamey Powell

Contributing writer

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July 21, 2022

Whether a split king mattress is right for you boils down to one easy question: Do you and your partner want to share a bed but have different ideas of comfort?

When one partner is a memory-foam-loving side sleeper and their other half is a back sleeper who runs hot, they’ll likely each need different types of mattresses. A split king mattress brings the best of both worlds: a shared bed and personalized sleep setups.

Of course you could just buy two separate beds and push them together, but there’s a chance your clashing picks could have noticeable discrepancies. Instead opting for a brand that offers various firmness options for its designs or a set split king option ensures you’ll create a cohesive setup. Read on to explore our picks for the best split king mattresses.

What is a split king mattress?

A split king mattress is the same length and width of a traditional king mattress except—you guessed it—it’s split in two. While a split king sounds like a standard bed type, quite a few companies actually don’t sell them. Instead folks can create a split king themselves by putting two twin XL mattresses from the same brand together side by side.

Yep, the dimensions of a split king mattress equate to two twin XL beds or 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. In fact, it uses the same frame, headboard, and even sheets as a regular king bed. 

Another option that’s even less common? A split California king mattress, which is 74 inches wide and 84 inches long. While it might seem excessive, tall folks needing a little extra leg space would beg to differ.

How we classified a split king mattress.

While you could technically create a split king bed from any two twin XL mattresses, we focused on brands that offer your best bet at a harmonious setup. That means all of the brands below offer a single model with various firmness or temperature regulation options. This also helps prevent your two beds from being different heights!

How we picked:

All of our picks sell one model with at least two firmness options. 

All of these beds are compatible with regular king-sized bed frames or adjustable bed frames.

We really tried to focus on sustainable, environmentally-friendly brands. If something is still a great product but doesn’t meet the mbg standard for eco-friendliness, we’ll call it out.

Each mattress is made in the USA and is CertiPUR-US Certified, which means it meets rigorous quality and emissions standards. Plus, they also all received excellent customer reviews.

mbg’s picks of the best split king mattresses of 2022:

Most customizable: Saatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

VIEW ON Saatva | $4544


  • Super customizable
  • Dual firmness without a full split

Material: Memory foam, Air chamber, Pillow Top

Firmness Range: 50+

Sizes: Queen, King, Split King, Split Cal King

Trial: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

If your biggest complaint about a split mattress is the huge divide in the middle, Saatva has your solution. The Solaire model has a shared base at one end but is separated (and adjustable) at the other. This prevents the unwanted divide visible under the sheets, but it also makes this ultra customizable mattress the most expensive on the list. 

The Solaire is an air bed, which means one of the mattress’ six layers consists of vulcanized air chambers. These durable rubber chambers are about 6 inches tall and inflate or deflate based on the firmness desired—and you’ll get a total option of 50 (!) firmness levels to choose from with a handheld remote. Spend up to one year trying them all before deciding if it’s the right bed for you. 

The best part? If you don’t want Saatva’s (additional) adjustable base, you can order this bed in regular queen and king sizes without the split and still adjust each side’s firmness. Anyone hoping for a bit of extra elevation throughout the night should opt for the split design, which comes in both a king and California king size.

Saatva takes care to use organic and sustainable materials where possible—in this case that’s the Solaire’s natural latex and three-inch organic cotton Euro top. Each Saatva bed comes with free white glove delivery and setup, as well as removal of your old bed (just make sure your mattress qualifies as the brand won’t take everything!).

Best sustainable: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

VIEW ON Plushbeds | $2598


  • Sustainable, organic materials
  • Offers 3 split sizes


  • Pricey
  • May be too soft for some

Material: Natural latex, Organic cotton, Organic wool

Firmness Range: Medium-firm, Medium

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King, Split Queen

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

If sustainability is the most important factor in your purchase, the Botanical Bliss mattress from PlushBeds is an excellent choice for you. The California-made mattress boasts a slew of certifications, such as eco-INSTITUT, GOTS, GOLS, GreenGuard Gold, and Forest Stewardship

The popular organic latex mattress is available as a split king and has a “dual firmness” option, which means one side of the bed will be medium and the other will be medium firm. The medium is a better option for side sleepers who like to feel cradled, while the medium-firm side will better suit back and stomach sleepers, or anyone experiencing back pain.  

Note that because the Botanical Bliss is an all-foam bed, both of the firmness options make for a softer mattress. You can also choose between three different height options and—because this is one single mattress with a split in firmness levels—both sides will be the same height. 

Best budget: Sleep On Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress

VIEW ON Amazon | $1498


  • Organic materials
  • Lower price point

Material: Natural latex, Organic cotton, Organic wool

Firmness Range: Firm, Medium

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year

Meet another eco-friendly latex pick that comes in at a considerably lower price: The Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress. Similar to other companies on this list, Chicago brand Sleep on Latex focuses on using sustainably-sourced and certified organic materials. Yet the price tags always hit lower—and we honestly cannot tell why it’s so much cheaper than competitors because the reviews are great!

While this bed isn’t sold as a split king with dual firmness, you can order two twin XLs and decide which firmness (either medium or firm) is a better fit for you and your partner. Sleep on Latex says the medium firmness is a solid choice for all sleepers, assuming you like the feel of latex foam, while the firm option is better for strict stomach or back sleepers. If neither mattress ends up working out during your 100-night trial, Sleep on Latex will arrange for someone to come pick up your bed(s) and issue a refund. 

The only real negative to consider here is that this mattress comes in one (rather short) 8 inch height. So if you and your partner are choosing different mattress brands to build your split king, this one will be tough to match height-wise. There’s always the option of adding a mattress topper for some extra inches!


  • 3 firmness options
  • Irregular size options


  • No regular split king size
  • No recycled or sustainable materials

Material: Memory foam, Spring coils

Firmness Range: Soft, Firm, Medium

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King, Short Full, Short Queen, Short King

Trial: 120 nights

Warranty: 10-year

It’s tricky to find a company that will sell a split California king. Enter: Brooklyn Bedding. The Arizona-based mattress and bedding company sells high-quality mattresses at a more affordable price point, including this super budget-friendly pick.

The Signature Hybrid mattress is available as a split California king, which is sold as two 36-inch by 84-inch halves. You can customize either half by choosing a soft, medium, or firm model, and even add a cooling cover if one of you tends to run hot in the night. Brooklyn Bedding recommends the soft or medium for side sleepers weighing under 230 pounds, and the medium or firm for stomach sleepers or back sleepers. They also recommend the firm for anyone over 230 pounds (although heavier side sleepers might appreciate the medium). 

All of Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses arrive compressed in a box and, while they meet CertiPUR-US standards for safety, they aren’t a standout brand for sustainability. However, one pillar of the business is partnering with children’s charities to provide bedding for families in need. 


  • Opportunity to try another firmness level
  • Split California king available


  • No organic materials

Material: Memory foam, Spring coils

Firmness Range: Firm, Medium, Plush

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King

Trial: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

The Sparrow Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding is a 12-inch mattress available in three firmness options. If you’re choosing the split king or split California king (which are the same price!), you can choose between a plush, medium, or firm model for each side. Nest recommends the plush for side sleepers, the medium for combination sleepers, and the firm for strict back and stomach sleepers. 

Beyond a reasonable price and a longer-than-average trial period, we dubbed this pick “best value” because Nest lets you adjust your firmness beyond the one-year trial with its “Lifetime Renewal Exchange.” Whether you want to try out a different firmness level or just want to extend the life of your bed, you can request a new comfort layer to swap out. Note: You can only do this once in your bed’s lifetime. 

One downside to this bed is that it’s not made with any sustainably-sourced or organic materials. However all materials are CertiPUR-US Certified and non-toxic. We’ll also throw some corporate social responsibility points Nest’s way for its renewal program, which is likely to prevent a few mattresses from meeting an early-landfill fate.


  • Multiple firmness options
  • Multiple cooling options


  • Expensive
  • No sustainability efforts

Material: Varies by model

Firmness Range: Varies by model

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King

Trial: 90 nights

Warranty: 10-year

Tempur-Pedic is a brand that has stood the test of time for its fan-favorite memory foam beds (the foam was developed by NASA!). The TEMPUR-Adapt is a popular bed for folks who run hot, as it’s available in three different models that all use cooling materials and open-cell foams. 

The options for the TEMPUR-Adapt are almost overwhelming; you can choose between three different Adapt models (each gets more expensive) with unique firmness level options. But hey, options are good when it comes to creating a split king bed! The LuxeAdapt model gets the highest rating for temperature control, but both that model and the model below (the ProAdapt) come with cool-to-the-touch, removable, machine-washable covers. Just note that each model is a different height, so consider getting two of the same model in preferred firmness to create a more cohesive bedroom look.

On the con side, Tempur-Pedic doesn’t use any eco-friendly materials in its beds or make much effort toward sustainability. If this is a deal breaker for you, consider checking out Avocado’s beds, which use natural latex and organic moisture-wicking wool. The only reason Avocado didn’t make this list was because there’s no way to customize firmness for a split king bed—however, you could order a twin XL for one side! 


  • High-tech features
  • Minimalist Design

Material: Birchwood, Steel

Firmness Range: N/A

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Cal King, Split King

Trial: 30 nights

Warranty: 1-year

While adjustable bed frames can be clunky, this one from Leesa is anything but. We like it for its minimalist design and high-tech features, such as a wireless remote, two built-in USB charging ports, and under-bed LED lighting. You can raise both the head and foot of your mattress with a press of a button, which is great for folks who want to read in bed or just need a little elevation to help combat acid reflux or even snoring

Note that this base, which arrives as two twin XL frames, doesn’t come with a built-in headboard. If you plan on adding one, you can tag on brackets for an additional cost. Plus, the feet of the frame are also adjustable by half-inch heights, which is great news if you and your partner didn’t choose the same height mattress! 

Adjustable bases are best for all-foam (like the PlushBeds option above) or hybrid mattresses. We like Leesa mattresses as a whole, although its only eco-friendly option is the Legend Hybrid—we recently featured it in our roundup of best soft mattresses

Why choose a split king mattress?

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: A good night’s sleep is crucial for your health. Unfortunately, traditional beds often make it difficult for couples with different sleep preferences to snooze together comfortably—and it can take a toll on their relationship. 

An observational study from 2017 found that lack of sleep can also have a negative impact on your relationship because it impacts emotion regulation. That might be why about 25% of couples surveyed by the National Sleep Foundation said they sleep in separate beds aka a sleep divorce

And just like we need to destigmatize actual divorce, we know there’s zero shame in deciding to sleep in a separate bedroom from your spouse, especially if they snore. But for many couples, choosing a split king setup allows them to get the sleep they need without leaving their partner. (After all, there are benefits to sleeping with the person you love!) 

Just like relationships, mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. For example, if you’re a 250-pound person with back pain, you’re going to need a considerably firmer mattress than your 125-pound side-sleeping partner. Similarly, a snorer might need a little more elevation, while a hot sleeper will likely need an option with more airflow. 

If your goal is to get quality sleep without parting ways from your bedfellow, a split king is your solution.


  • Variety: You can choose any two twin XL mattresses from a wide variety of brands and combine them to make a split king.
  • Firmness & feel: The biggest pro for a split king is the control you have over your side’s firmness and feel. Also, because you’re not technically on the same mattress, you’re less likely to feel your partner moving throughout the night.
  • Temperature regulation: If you sleep hot but your partner does not, you can customize your side of the bed to meet your temperature needs.
  • Moving the bed: If you live in an apartment or sleep on the second floor of your home, two twin XL mattresses are considerably easier to move than a single king mattress.


  • Price: Some companies offer split king models, some do not. Either way, buying a split king or two twin XL mattresses will typically cost around $500 more than a standard king bed.
  • Appearance: If your mattresses aren’t the same height, they might look a little funky next to one another.
  • Feel: If you’re dedicated to snuggling, you’ll likely feel the split in your mattress. Putting a king-sized mattress topper might help with this—of course, you both need to like the topper to pull that off.
  • Distance: If you’re hoping to solve your partner’s snoring, there are a few more factors at play than their sleep surface. If a new mattress or elevation from an adjustable frame don’t help, your switch to a split king bed won’t make them any farther away.


Is a split king mattress worth it?

If you and your partner have vastly different sleep preferences, a split king allows you to customize your side of the bed without feeling far away. If sleeping in the same bed is important to you, a split king might be worth it. If you’re happy enough on the same mattress as your partner, it’s more cost-effective to buy a regular king.

Do you need special sheets for a split king bed?

If your bed isn’t adjustable, you can use regular king-sized sheets on a split king bed. If your bed is adjustable you can also use twin XL fitted sheets on each side of the split king. Some brands sell split king sheets, which are connected at the foot of the bed but separate near the top (think of a “U” shape) so they work with adjustable beds and frames.

Is a split king the same as two twin mattresses?

A split king is the same as two twin XL mattresses, but not two regular twin mattresses. Twin XL mattresses are the same length (80 inches long) as a king-sized mattress, whereas regular twin beds are four to five inches shorter.

Is a split king mattress comfortable?

It depends on your personal preferences and how you’ve chosen your side of the split king! The beauty of a split king mattress is you’re able to customize your own side of the bed. 

Can you feel the “split” in a split king when you’re sleeping?

It’s likely, but the final answer will depend on your bed. Even if both sides of the split king are the same height, you’ll likely notice a ridge in the middle of the bed if there’s a strong edge seam. Some beds that round off at the edges, such as memory foam beds, might be less noticeable.

What other problems are common with split king adjustable beds?

The most common problems folks have with split king adjustable beds is the way the bedding fits and how they look in your room. Adjustable beds require separate twin XL sheets for each side, or true split king sheets which can be harder to find (but allow for each side of the bed to move without the sheets popping off).

What size headboard do you need with a split king?

You can use a regular king-sized headboard for a split king bed.

The takeaway.

And there you have it, a few great split king mattresses that won’t leave you and your partner feeling like you pushed your beds together at a sleepover. 

Whether you prefer the feel of an extra-firm mattress or are a hot sleeper looking to stay cool, a split king mattress might help you and your other half find the harmony your bedroom has been missing. Happy snuggling!