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Passion & Attraction Will Reach An All-Time High This Week, Astrologers Say

It’s a big week in the stars, filled with passion, attraction, and ambition. Here’s how the AstroTwins recommend taking advantage of it.

Passion will be running high this Monday, August 1, as the fateful North Node syncs up with lusty Mars and radical Mars in Taurus.

Fuses, on the other hand, will be short, making this a terrible day to court any sort of controversy. And even if you do have a solid reason to push back on someone’s assertions, look out! Stubborn righteousness could send a once-peaceful mission flying off the rails. If you plan to open Pandora’s box, set some ground rules. If everyone’s willing to play nice, this could be an incredible day for any sort of team brainstorms. Better yet? You’re bound to emerge with revolutionary solutions to ago-old problems.

Community-spirited Uranus is the high-minded futurist of the solar system, while Mars in Taurus can bring the courage needed to fight for an important cause. Activist efforts spring up, perhaps in response to some unsettling power plays. Just make sure you don’t bulldoze anyone in the process. Strong intellectual and sexual attraction can blaze up fast—when you least expect it! 

Ready, set, systematize! On Thursday, mental Mercury hosts a homecoming parade through Virgo, its native turf, giving us three weeks to whip our lives into an efficient groove.

Keeping too much data in your head? That’s a recipe for stress. Bring order to the chaos by syncing calendars and automating where you can. Tap into secure apps that can help you stay organized. Pre-schedule bill payments, transfers to savings, and other routine monthly transactions. With the communication planet in this healthy zodiac sign, you can successfully start (and sustain) new habits by writing things down and planning ahead. But keep it simple! Steer clear of social situations that ramp up your anxiety. If a decision has left you with analysis paralysis, hit the brakes and do more research before making a move. 

Weekend musings: Is it true love or just an illusion? Ardent Venus spins a web with fantasy-agent Neptune, dissolving boundaries.

With Venus drifting through sensitive Cancer, feelings are tender. Meanwhile, empathic Neptune in Pisces amplifies every mood. Intimate feelings are always “real,” in some sense; you wouldn’t be experiencing them otherwise. But are they meant to last? Today, that’s impossible to tell. If you want to enjoy the day, stop focusing on the clock. The relationship may not last forever, but the dreamy memory will!

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Here’s another reason to slow your roll: On Sunday, Mars in Taurus has you climbing steadily toward your goals, but that high-flying starship could get grounded thanks to a buzzkill from skeptical Saturn in Aquarius.

It’s great to dream like the sky is the limit. But it’s also important to check the atmospheric pressure, cloud coverage, and other weather-related concerns. You don’t want to be the downer in the room, telling people, “That will never work!” But do plan to run every genius idea through a set of serious tests before passing “GO.” If critics poke holes in your plan, don’t dismiss their feedback. This could be a hidden blessing, motivating you to tighten up your concept or apply smarter science to your approach.

Is your current team failing to live up to the dream? Perhaps their “mutiny” is frustration in disguise. Before you cut anyone loose, listen to their complaints. They may be privy to insights that you’ve overlooked.

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