New well-being trends are constantly coming out of the woodwork, touting an array of impressive benefits that can take your quality of life to the next level. Sometimes these buzzy tricks or ingredients aren’t worth your attention—but other times, they may be a useful addition to your healthy routine. Enter: coriander water.

Coriander (also known as cilantro) is a popular herb, frequently found in soups, chicken recipes, and other savory dishes. It’s also been used for thousands of years in ancient well-being practices, such as Ayurveda. That’s where coriander water comes in: It’s a traditional tonic made by boiling or soaking the seeds of a coriander plant in water.

Benefits of coriander water.

Jess Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN, explains that while human studies on this plant are minimal, “animal and test-tube studies have shown it may be helpful for managing blood sugar levels, supporting immune system function thanks to its antioxidant content.” It also protects cardiovascular health and brain health, she adds. It’s inconclusive whether or not drinking coriander as a tonic will make the herb more potent, but any way you consume it should offer similar benefits.

As noted, coriander is a great source of antioxidants—including vitamins C, A, and K—which fight against free radical damage within the body. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and even help bolster immunity and support a healthy gut microbiome, as well.

What’s more, sipping this drink can also promote hydration, which Cording notes is generally a win. “I wouldn’t expect sweeping changes, but if drinking coriander water gets you to hydrate, that can be beneficial to health in many ways,” she says. Hydration will naturally improve your digestion, maintain your immune system, and even support your body’s natural detox systems.

Although coriander has been shown to offer gut and digestive benefits, there are some groups that may want to steer clear of the herb. If you’re sensitive or intolerant to coriander (or cilantro), Cording warns against drinking it. She also adds that anyone who needs extra support to maintain healthy blood sugar levels should exercise caution when consuming coriander water, and it’s helpful to check with a health care professional first.  

How to make coriander water.

Below, you’ll find an easy-to-try recipe for coriander water that Lia Bartha—Pilates instructor, wellness expert, and creator of B the Method—shared on her Instagram.

Check out her simple instructions for creating this hydrating morning drink:

Although more research is necessary to confirm the overarching benefits of coriander water specifically, the herb itself has been shown to support digestion, as well as having other benefits. This drink can be a nourishing and hydrating addition to your morning routine.