At-home exercise equipment was so popular during the early pandemic that stores couldn’t keep it in stock. Now, two years later, there’s a benefit to all that extra equipment sitting in people’s houses: It’s never been easier to buy a used Peloton bike, as some purchasers are preferring to head back to cycling classes at their local gyms or studios rather than continuing to work out at home.

Of course, there are still huge swaths of people who have become at-home exercise converts. And there are also many who want to bring their workouts home—if only they had the equipment at their disposal.

The latter group is in luck: Used Pelotons are “flooding the market,” Katie Pierson, certified personal trainer, certified Spinning elite instructor, and contributor at, tells SELF. “A lot of people are realizing, ‘Hey, I’m not using this enough, it’s a pretty big investment, and now I can just go back to the gym and use theirs.’” That means bikes—which many people had to wait months to buy new during the pandemic—are now readily available to purchase secondhand.

“It might be a really great time to find a used Peloton,” says Pierson.

Because of the shift in the market, in some cases, “you can get an almost brand-new bike for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for brand-new,” Darci Revier, DHSc, CSCS, director of education at the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and NETA-certified cycling instructor in Missouri, tells SELF. 

And that’s huge, since Peloton bikes are pricey purchases. A new Peloton Bike costs between $1,445 and $1,985, depending on which accessories, if any, you choose to buy. A new Peloton Bike+ (essentially, a souped-up version of the original bike with a wider screen, higher-quality speakers, and automatically changing resistance) costs between $1,995 and $2,535, again, depending on accessories. Add on the monthly membership of classes for $44 and you’re looking at a grand total of over $500 annually in membership alone.

That said, not all used Pelotons are a great deal. Before purchasing one, it’s important to do your research and ask the buyer certain questions to ensure you end up with a quality bike at a good price—advice that applies to any used bike purchase, whether or not it’s a Peloton. It’s also crucial to understand what does (and doesn’t) come with your bike and what your options are if something goes south. Ahead, all those details and more. Consider this your go-to guide for buying a used Peloton bike.

Where can you buy a used Peloton bike?

First things first: As of now, there’s no official secondhand bike purchase program through Peloton, and the company doesn’t sponsor or endorse any secondhand marketplaces. But there are plenty of places you may be able to purchase a used Peloton, including online options like Facebook Groups (the Peloton Buy Sell Trade Group has over 208,000 members), Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale, OfferUp, eBay, and Craigslist.