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mbg Contributing Writer

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August 4, 2022

A good night’s sleep isn’t just essential to starting your day off on the right foot—it’s all crucial to your overall well-being and longevity. While one night of subpar snoozing may not seem like a big deal, the resulting hour of sleep deprivation could take up to four days to recover from. Yikes!

One of the easiest steps you can take to maximize your shut-eye is finding the right mattress; some of us may require an extra-firm mattress to optimize our zzz’s, while others need something entirely different. If you’re not sure where you fall into the spectrum or need something highly personalized, the best adjustable beds are the optimal way to upgrade your sleep space.

The ability to adjust both the firmness and angling of your bed comes with plenty of perks, including the ability to potentially mitigate pain or find your Goldilocks mattress. Plus, adjustable beds often allow for two separate customizations, so those sleeping with a partner can further personalize their side of the bed. 

Whether you’re considering an adjustable bed or mattress, we’ve got all the right picks to ensure your sleep set-up sets you up for a night of success. 

What’s the difference between an adjustable mattress and adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed consists of both an adjustable bed frame and the mattress on top of it. Typically an adjustable bed frame does the bulk of the lifting, allowing you to adjust either the head or base of the mattress frame by up to 40 to 70 degrees, according to chiropractor Kevin Lees of The Joint Corp

Imagining a hospital bed is the easiest way to grasp how an adjustable bed works—but at-home models are often much sleeker and can even come with stand-out features like massagers or heating elements.

Although the frame does the bulk of the lifting—quite literally—the mattress must still be flexible enough to move into a less conventional positioning, per Lee. This flexibility allows the bed frame to do its job more effectively, as a super stiff design won’t be able to meet the demands of the bed frame. Using a mattress not suited to an adjustable frame could also void its warranty, so it’s important to consider both elements when making your purchase.

The Benefits of adjustable mattresses and adjustable bed frames.

We’ll never stop stressing the importance of a good night’s sleep, but we also know it can be elusive to some due to personal sleep preference or even health conditions. 

If you’re dealing with fibromyalgia, lower back problems, osteoarthritis, or degenerative spondylolisthesis, Lee says that an adjustable frame could be an option for you, as changing the mattress positioning can help with relieving joint pressure. Plus, increased firmness in specific areas can also help maintain spinal alignment, which is key to restful, restorative sleep.

But the benefits of an adjustable bed frame are not limited to helping reduce pain. The customizable design is also a good option for anyone who wants to stay comfortable finishing a page-turner or binge-watching Netflix in bed without having to use nine pillows behind their heads. 

An adjustable bed is also a good choice to prevent snoring. Similar to an anti-snore pillow, it allows you to slightly elevate your head positioning, which helps keep airways open and prevents the vibrations responsible for the sleep-ruining sound—even if you’re a back sleeper. Equally fun? Playing around with positioning could also spice up your sex life

How we picked:

An adjustable bed setup can really be non-negotiable for people who are in pain, so we wanted to make sure we included a range of options to help out all kinds of sleepers, no matter their income. While a great setup can be costly, we’ve included options that won’t break the bank.

As always, sustainability is of the utmost importance for us. We focused on products that use sustainable materials, such as latex in the mattresses. You’ll also find a few products with memory foam, as their flexibility works great with adjustable bed frames.

We prioritized products with high overall customer satisfaction starting with ease of setup to the overall snooze experience.

All products listed come from reputable brands with reliable customer support, as well as solid warranties to make sure that you’re taken care of.

mbg’s pick for the best adjustable mattresses & bases of 2022:


  • White glove delivery
  • 50 mattress firmness settings
  • Massaging frame

Mattress Firmness: Personalized

Adjustable Base Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split California King

Weight Capacity: 850 pounds

Elevate your sleep from head to toe with the American-made base from Saatva. The high-tech base is controlled via remote control and offers both custom and preset position, including settings for restorative sleep, watching TV, and working. If the built-in massager doesn’t offer ultimate relaxation, opt for the weightless zero-G mode, which elevates both your head and feet. Plus, white glove service means your new splurge isn’t just delivered to your door; it’s set up in the bedroom of your choice. 

Feel like royalty yet? Add on the adjustable firmness mattress made with natural latex and cotton. The customizable design lets you select from 50 (!!) firmness levels with options to customize each side for mattresses larger than a queen—so you and your partner don’t need to compromise an ounce.


  • Cooling technology in mattress
  • Base offers sleep coaching


  • Expensive
  • Not sustainable materials

Mattress Firmness: Medium-firm

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split California King

Weight Capacity: 650 pounds

Smart products that improve your sleep score will always earn extra points from mbg—and this adjustable bed frame is no exception. The smart base offers AI sleep coaching and smart home capability to help you track the quality of your sleep (which is almost more important than the duration of your snooze), as well as automatic snoring detection. This unique feature elevates your head in your sleep, nipping snoring in the bed before it wakes your partner. (A standout for couples considering a sleep divorce.)

The innovation doesn’t end there; advanced Tempur material in the Tempur-Adapt mattress responds to your movements throughout the night, making it a great match for the Smart Base. It also has a unique open cell design, which allows airflow to keep you cool. Just note that it’s a medium firm thickness, so it may not work for these needing a firmer base.


  • Phase-change material in mattress
  • Sleek finish on base


  • No twin size
  • Only split king offers adjustable firmness per side

Mattress Firmness: Medium-firm

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King

Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds

Minimalist shoppers will love that this adjustable base doesn’t need a headboard to look visually appealing—but don’t mistake the simple design for inefficiency. It still elevates both the head and base of the mattress, offers a vibration setting, has USB charging ports, and comes with a Zero-G setting. Plus everything can be controlled through a smartphone app (or the included wireless remote). 

Pair your new base with the brand’s Premiere Memory Foam Mattress. The flexible design easily contours to the demands of the adjustable frame beneath it despite offering five layers of foam. Three inches of dynamically adjusting foam offer consistent support, while a cushioning layer provides pressure relief. Most importantly, the unique phase change material automatically adjusts to your body’s rising temperature to keep you cool throughout the night.


  • Built-in foot warming
  • Adjustable mattress firmness


  • Price
  • Not sustainable materials

Mattress Firmness: Personalized

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King

Weight Capacity: 600 pounds per side

The FlexFit 3 Smart Base transforms your sleep set-up into a top-notch oasis with both adjustable head and foot positioning. Controllable from your smartphone, the smart base allows you to casually adjust your partner’s head to alleviate snoring and features under-bed lighting to illuminate your way in the dead of night. But perhaps the most compelling feature is a foot warming feature designed to help you fall asleep faster (although the science is still preliminary.)

When it comes to creating reliable adjustable mattresses, Sleep Number is a bonafide pick, as the company has been at it for over three decades. The company’s i8 Smart Bed is no exception with sleep quality tracking, temperature balancing memory foam, and cool-to-the-touch fabric, as well as adjustable firmness on both sides of the mattress. Available in a set with the FlexFit 3, this combo is a top pick for those seeking pressure relief, support, and thermoregulation.


  • Cooling technology
  • Bundled discount


  • Less stylish
  • No twin or full options

Mattress Firmness: Medium-firm

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King

Weight Capacity: 750 pounds

When it comes to keeping you cool, hardly anybody does it better than GhostBed. The patent-pending Ghost Ice technology senses excess heat and pulls it away from you, transforming a typically toasty bed into a tundra—all without sacrificing comfort. Three inches of gel memory foam offer a medium firmness, while aerated latex help support cool sleep. 

The best part? It’s sold in a discounted bundle with the brand’s adjustable base. Available in four sizes, including a twin XL, the adjustable bed allows you to elevate your head and feet. Other bonuses include underbed LED lighting, built-in USB ports, and massagers at two parts of the frame. The stainless steel pick also has anti-skid fabric to keep your mattress in place when adjusting.


  • Sustainable materials
  • Stylish linen base


  • Expensive
  • Linen may be hard to clean

Mattress Firmness: Medium-firm

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Queen, Split King, Split California King

Weight Capacity: 850 pounds

Attention to detail elevates the entire Avocado setup. The upholstered base is  headboard-compatible and has a “wall-hugging effect”, which means it keeps your head and neck in the same positioning near your nightstand. The practically silent motor lifts both the head and base of the frame, offers dual tension-relieve massages, and powers under-the-bed lights. 

And it only gets better when you add on the eco-friendly signature mattress; organic latex, wool, and cotton combine beautifully here to create an ethical, breathable oasis. The medium-firm mattress offers support to maintain alignment all night but is still flexible enough to get the most from the Eco Pro Adjustable base underneath it.


  • Wake-up base alarm clock
  • Massage system
  • Mattress made from latex


  • Expensive
  • No twin or full

Mattress Firmness: Personalized

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split California King

Weight Capacity: 850 pounds

Having trouble waking up in the morning? This adjustable base transforms into a physical alarm clock that springs you out of bed almost literally. Other perks that make this high price tag worth the splurge include a massage system, whisper-quiet motor, and preset positions for Zero-G and anti-snore. Of course, you’ll also have access to infinite head and foot positions through the brand’s Nightshade app or via the Bluetooth remote. 

When paired with durable, flexible Talalay latex, your imagination is the only limit to finding the right firmness for your needs. The all-natural latex layer offers the perfect middle ground for support, leaving you comfortable without sinking in. Plus, latex’s natural breathability means you’ll sleep cooler all night long. 

Reverie’s mattress also goes above and beyond in terms of personalization. DreamCell technology gives you the chance to select your preferred firmness for each side of the mattress when ordering. Even better, these cells are completely movable, so you can adjust them at home should you need a change.


  • Affordable
  • Still packed with features


  • Must buy half sizes for king & California king
  • Soft mattress not ideal for many sleep types

Mattress Firmness: Soft

Adjustable Base Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King, Split California King

Weight Capacity: 750 pounds

Want to snag an adjustable base at a great price? Look no further than this streamlined pick from Helix; it’s equipped with memory settings, head and foot adjustability, and of course, massage options. 

Although it comes in as our most affordable option, don’t think Helix is going to leave you feeling cheated in any way, shape, or form. The hybrid mattress lets you get the most from the base underneath it without impacting your overall comfort; it all comes down to a pairing of memory foam and 950 individually wrapped steel coils, which leave you feeling supported yet cradled all night long.


Are adjustable mattresses worth it?

As with most larger investments into your own well-being, it’s important to understand exactly what you want from an adjustable bed and mattress setup before purchasing. If you are just looking for a cool new gadget, an adjustable mattress may not be worth your while, but for someone who is dealing with a lot of pain, or who spends a lot of their time in bed, an adjustable bed/mattress can be just the ticket to improving their quality of life.

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Adjustable beds can be worthwhile if you are in pain, you have very specific needs, or if you and your partner have different sleep styles. 

Split California King options can sometimes allow two partners to sleep in entirely different positions, or allow for anti-snoring positioning by allowing one person to elevate their heads (so both can rest peacefully). 

Additionally someone with back pain can benefit from an adjustable bed frame by getting rid of dips in the mattress to help maintain alignment all night long.

Can you use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed?

The short answer: Yes! The majority of the adjustment work is done by the frame, so any mattress should work. 

The long story? Some mattresses are more compatible than others. Lees recommends a flexible mattress—one made from latex or memory foam—to get the most out of your new bed frame. If you’re using a standard spring mattress, you may be limited in how far your mattress can bed unless it uses individually coils (which are more flexible).

It’s also important to double check that your adjustable frame is compatible with the dimensions of the mattress that you’re planning to use.

Are adjustable beds good for snoring?

Yes! They can help with snoring by keeping the head elevated, which leaves the airways open throughout the night.

What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?​

While any mattress technically works, it’s important to consider the flexibility, weight, and thickness of your mattress. If your mattress is too firm, it may create painful pressure points when folded; if your mattress is too heavy, it may wear out your adjustable base faster; if your mattress is too thick, it may create uncomfortable bulges. 

The easiest way to know your mattress is well-suited to an adjustable base is buying a combo set from a trusted brand. If you are opting to use your existing mattress with a new adjustable base, be sure to check the weight limits of your new frame.

Are adjustable mattresses good for side sleepers?​

An adjustable mattress and bed works for any style of sleeper as long as the mattress fits your desired firmness needs and desired positioning.

Does an adjustable base ruin your mattress?​

No, an adjustable base should not ruin your mattress, as the base supports your mattress in its unique positioning. However there may be faster signs of wear and tear on some mattresses that are not designed with an adjustable base in mind. To ensure your mattress is ready for the extra strain and movement, be sure to confirm that it’s compatible with an adjustable base.

What is the best sleeping position for an adjustable bed?

An adjustable mattress is a viable option for all sleeping positions, so long as the firmness meets the needs of the user. A side sleeper can keep the bed in neutral and enjoy some of the luxury features such as massage, while a back sleeper can elevate whatever part of the mattress they need to maintain comfort and alignment for the whole night!

The takeaway.

Adjustable bed frames and mattresses can offer relief to those in pain or simply provide a more luxurious sleep setup for someone who spends extra time in bed. When all is said and done, most people can probably benefit from an adjustable bed frame and mattress out of either necessity or simply for pure comfort. And once you’ve purchased your new adjustable bed, be sure to make sure that your sheets keep you just as comfortable.