No matter how motivated you are when you kickstart a healthy eating plan, there’s always a learning curve involved.

And while you know there are a million good reasons to stick to your healthy eating goals, you’ll definitely relate to these memes on those days when you just want to dip french fries in a milkshake.

1. Five Seconds After You Commit to Healthier Eating

Is it too soon to have a cheat meal?

2. When You’re Trying to Keep Your Macros Straight


Still a little bitter that cake isn’t one of the essential nutrients.

3. When You Hit the Bottom of a Pint of Ice Cream


Totally meant to have “just a spoonful.” Whoops.

4. When Your #FitGoals and Cravings Collide

Maybe I’ll just settle for a six-pack of donuts as a compromise.

5. When Your Roommates Did Not Join You on This Healthy Eating Journey

It’s so much harder to make healthy choices when they’ve got the communal freezer stocked with pizza rolls and corn dogs.

6. When Your Sweet Tooth Makes a Valid Point

It’s hard to argue with science.

7. When Your Willpower Is MIA, but So Is Your Snack Stash

Okay, fine, it looks it’s time to break out those healthy snack boxes.

8. When You’re in Portion-Size Denial

via Instagram

Er, maybe your tablespoons are just smaller than mine.

9. When the Stars Align in the Produce Aisle

Finding that magical two-hour freshness window between “hard as a rock” and “complete mush” is like finding a winning lottery ticket.

10. When You Find Yourself Craving Peppers and Hummus Instead of Potato Chips


What’s happening?! Who am I?!

11. The First Time You Roast Veggies to Perfection


Wait, do I actually love parsnips?

12. When You Actually Start to Get the Hang of Healthy Eating

…and you realize how fab you feel after eating a balanced meal.