Astrology can give us initial insight into our personality, our purpose, and yes, how compatible we are with other people. In the case of Geminis and Leos, these two signs might seem like an unexpected pairing, but they actually have a lot to offer each other. Here’s what to know about this matchup, from friendships, to romance, and more, from an astrologer.

Gemini & Leo compatibility.

Gemini is the third sign of the astrological year, represented by the twins. It’s an air sign ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, and is one of the four mutable signs.

Leo, on the other hand, is the fifth sign of the astrological year, represented by the lion. It’s a fire sign, the only sign ruled by the Sun, and is one of four fixed signs.

As astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D. tells mbg, Leo and Gemini can be very complimentary, with a certain ease or flow to their relationship. “They have an aspect called a sextile, which is not as strong as say, something like a trine—but it can be powerful,” she explains.

In particular, she adds, these signs find connection through speaking and communicating, feeding off each other’s energy, and offering each other camaraderie and cooperation.

“They have a way of connecting that’s not confrontational… Even though they’re very, very different, they really show us how very different signs can complement the other and work together,” Pennington notes.

A friendship between a Gemini and Leo is going to be energetic and chatty, with Gemini giving Leo the audience they so crave, and Leo giving Gemini a boost in whatever it is they’re doing.

“Leo is geared for the spotlight. It feels good for them to be looked at, or to lead, or to be on stage in some way,” Pennington explains, adding, “Gemini can naturally provide the back and forth—the mirror or the reflection—that Leo’s looking for.” And Leo, she says, “would be the perfect conduit for whatever Gemini is up to.”

This kind of dynamic is excellent for a supportive friendship and professional relationship. Pennington says she imagines this relationship could be especially fruitful between a playwright (Gemini) and actor (Leo), for example.

In a romantic relationship:

The same success of a Gemini-Leo friendship is possible in romantic relationships too, with Pennington noting that Leos can help Geminis channel their high energy in a positive direction.

“There’s this real ability for each [sign] to help the other—both with creating and then expressing and sharing, either with each other or with the whole world,” she says.

Also, given that Gemini is mutable and Leo is fixed, she explains that these signs can balance what the other lacks in terms of planning and structure. Leos, for instance, can help Geminis get a job done, while Geminis can help Leos be more adaptable.

While Gemini and Leo are ultimately different in a lot of ways, their energies can be super complimentary, according to Pennington, who brings up the importance of their elements. Air and fire are typically thought of as compatible elements (as are water and earth), and while air does have the potential to blow out a fire, it can also spread it.

And that “spreading,” Pennington says, would be more likely, because Gemini and Leo aren’t competitive with each other. “So Gemini is not going to want to trounce Leo’s fire. It’s going to want to feed it,” she explains, adding again that their mutable versus fixed qualities can also benefit each other.

“Gemini’s mutability helps Leo be adaptive and flexible, and then the fixity of Leo helps Gemini settle down and be grounded,” she explains.

Where conflict may arise:

There is, of course, always the potential for conflict between these two signs. (This is a good time to mention that you really do need both people’s entire birth charts to get a full sense of their compatibility!)

For instance, Gemini is built for intellectualizing, trying everything they can, and being self-sufficient. Leo appreciates attention and affection, so it’s possible they may feel slighted when Gemini’s attention is elsewhere, according to Pennington.

“I wouldn’t want Leo to feel like they weren’t being paid attention to, but something like that could potentially arise,” she tells mbg, adding, “And then on the other side, Gemini could feel that what they’re up to is so awesome, so why is Leo always getting all of the praise and attention?”

Leo is also very concerned with loyalty, and no Gemini slander here, but “loyalty” doesn’t always hold the same importance to them—or at least, they don’t think about loyalty in the same way. Not to say they’re inherently disloyal, but Geminis tend to have more scattered attention spans. This can disrupt Leo’s need for recognition.

If these two signs were at a party together, for example, Gemini would likely be the one bouncing around the room having tons of stimulating conversations with a variety of people. Meanwhile, Leo would probably be entertaining a circle of people with a performative monologue or story, wondering where Gemini ran off to.

For the most part, Geminis and Leos have a lot to offer each other in terms of communication, motivation, and positive growth. While there’s always the possibility for conflict between any of the zodiac signs, astrology tells us that these two are likely to find a supportive and beneficial relationship with each other.