Seeing This Critter In Your Dreams Means You Need To Detach From Drama

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September 28, 2022 — 22:04 PM

We dream of all sorts of creatures, from dogs to spiders, and sometimes, bees—but what do these dreams actually mean? Whether you’ve been dreaming of getting stung by a bee, or chased by a swarm, here’s what the dream could be telling you, plus how to work through it.

What does dreaming about bees mean?

According to psychologist and dream expert Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., some people believe dreams are merely memory consolidation and the brain flushing waste. Others, on the other hand, think you can interpret your dreams to gain insight into your subconscious.

And in the case of bees, dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells mbg that interpreting these dreams will depend on the context, as well as your own personal association with bees.

“[Dreams about bees] are fairly common—I’ve dreamed of it myself,” she says, adding, “The most common reason for the bee dream is that you’re feeling the sting of someone’s actions towards you—or even more so—someone’s words towards you.”

Here are some more interpretations for this dream, depending on its details, according to Loewenberg.

7 common bee dreams and their interpretations:

1. If the bee(s) stings you:

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If you’ve been stung by a bee (or multiple bees) in a dream, Loewenberg says it may translate to a real-life feeling of emotional pain—of someone making stinging or biting remarks towards or about you.

“And then, of course, the more bees there are, and the more stings there are, the more of an emotional impact it’s having on you,” Loewenberg explains, adding, “It can also be that there’s more than one person you’re feeling the sting from.”

Another common thing that can happen in a dream about bees is hearing their incessant buzzing. In this case, Loewenberg says, the bees and their buzzing may represent gossip, and particularly gossip about you.

3. If you don’t get stung:

If the bee doesn’t sting you in your dream, Loewenberg says the same themes of “stinging” words or actions can still apply. You’re just unaffected by them. That, or you may be unsure where you stand in terms of the gossip or in a conflict with someone in real life, she adds. Ultimately, though, the pain isn’t as prominent as it would be if you were stung.

4. If it’s a swarm of bees:

According to Loewenberg, dreaming of a swarm of bees (and particularly a swarm that’s chasing or surrounding you), relates to feelings of emotional overwhelm that are bubbling to the surface. Things may not be overflowing just yet, she adds, but the bees in this case represent the proceeding build-up.

5. If the bee isn’t threatening:

Of course, not all dreams about bees are negative. You may have a dream of being in a lush meadow with a single bee peacefully flying from flower to flower. Loewenberg says that this can represent feelings of romance, and/or feeling that something in your life is precious, or sweet—and even in need of protection. Or, in other cases, the be could indicate you’ve felt like a “busy bee” lately, she adds.

If you dream about a queen bee, in particular, Lowenberg tells mbg that she can represent a real woman in your life, or even yourself. Loewenberg says there typically seems to be a negative association when it comes to queen bees in dreams, but it’s important to think about how the bee in your dream made you feel as you were having it.

7. If there’s a bee infestation:

And lastly, Lowenberg notes that dreaming of a bee infestation in your home can symbolize a recent painful discovery. The bees, in this case, represent its emotional impact on you.

How to work through this dream.

When working through any dream, Loewenberg explains, it’s important to take into account how you felt during the dream and your own associations with the dream’s prominent symbols. “There’s always a gift—there’s always something valuable you can find in a difficult situation, so where’s the lesson?” she adds.

And in terms of the various aforementioned interpretations, she notes, the way to work through them is to strengthen your sense of self. Whether it be gossip, stinging words, or a painful discovery, she says, the bees are symbolizing your feelings about it, and how you are being emotionally affected.

“What other people think about you is none of your business,” Loewenberg says, adding, “How can you let them not affect you? It could be a mantra, [or] in real life, some metaphorical ‘repellent’ towards these harmful and stinging remarks from others.”

While not all dreams about bees are inherently negative, it seems for many bee-related scenarios, there’s a degree of emotional “sting” involved. If the dream persists, your best bet is to focus more on yourself, and a whole lot less on anyone else. Fly away from the drama and gossip until the dream subsides.

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