A general perusal of Jaisyn Mike’s social media will say he’s quite confident in his abilities. The two-time International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Champion in the +120-kilogram division seems to make it a point to showcase unique feats of strength and power. The 44-year-old competitor’s latest training accomplishment is no different.

On Oct. 6, 2022, Mike uploaded a video to his Instagram profile where he completed a 192.8-kilogram (425-pound) bench press for 20 reps while wearing wrist wraps and a lifting belt. According to the post’s caption, the show of endurance is a personal record (PR) for Mike.

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Per other posts on Mike’s Instagram, his bench press work and general training are related to preparation for the 2023 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw Nationals. While he has competed in the Masters 1 (ages 40-49) category of late, Mike plans to feature in the Open portion and in the 140-kilogram weight class at that specific contest. It would be his first full powerlifting meet since the 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals in October of that year. Mike has participated In bench-only competitions in the time since. Per a press release from USAPL, the 2023 Nationals will take place on Sept. 14-17, 2023, in Memphis, TN.

Competition prep aside, this sort of bench press display is nothing new for Mike, who seems to have centered on that aspect of his strength of late. Recent marks from his routine are right in line with this new PR.

Just several days before he finished this 20-rep set, Mike successfully locked out a 230.4-kilogram (508-pound) bench press for 10 reps. Earlier in the same week, Mike pushed through a 190.5-kilogram (420-pound) bench press for an older 20-rep PR.

When not pushing himself on the bench press, Mike has excelled all the same in the gym. The powerlifter shared an early-October 2022 clip of himself completing a raw 365-kilogram (804.6-pound) deadlift for a one-rep PR. This was a rapid progression from a 354.7-kilogram (782-pound) deadlift that Mike logged in late-September 2022.

According to Open Powerlifting, here’s an overview of Mike’s all-time raw competition bests:

Jaisyn Mike | All-Time Raw Competition Bests

  • Squat — 340 kilograms (749.5 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 282.5 kilograms (622.8 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds)
  • Total — 935 kilograms (2,061.3 pounds )

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Aside from winning the 2023 Nationals, Mike’s other primary goal appears to be a desire to eclipse a 362.9-kilogram (800-pound) deadlift on a sanctioned lifting platform, especially after some of the recent 900-plus-pound pulls from other powerlifters.

Whether Mike can successfully make a run in the Open at next year’s Nationals remains to be seen. Nonetheless, his recent training progress would indicate he seems to be on the right progressive track.

Featured image: @mr.athletic_over_everything on Instagram