Pre-workout is a commonly utilized and diverse supplement that may provide benefits to your workout via focus, energy, blood flow, and muscle gain. You may find ingredients like citrulline, beta-alaninebetainecaffeineand BCAAs, all of which are pretty common within pre-workout supplements. Although pre-workout is not a “one size fits all” supplement, we think there is a pre-workout for just about any need you may have. Pre-workout is one of the more commonly used supplements on the market due to its potential to help you push through gnarly workouts, or perform at the top of your game in your sport of choice.

Pre-workouts are versatile and have various purposes, whether it’s to help you stay focused or to deliver a gnarly pump — we took a look at some of the best pre-workout supplements on the market to build a list that may help you unlock your most successful workouts. This list includes some of our favorite products for building muscle, weight loss, value, and more. If you’re looking to kickstart your pre-workout journey or just want to switch your current pre- for one that may better suit their needs, we have you covered.

Best Pre-Workout Supplements 

Best Pre-Workout Overall

To win our best overall spot, a pre-workout has to have high-quality ingredients, serious dosages, and delicious flavors to choose from. Huge Supplements hits all these marks with its 17 ingredient lineup.

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Pre-workouts — like this one from Huge Supplements — should provide the boost you need to get you through grueling workouts. Although each person may need something different from a pre-workout, Wrecked has checked almost all of the boxes. The ingredient list includes 350mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to almost four cups of coffee, and may provide energy and alertness. It also has ingredients that can help with blood flow in the form of 8,000mg of citrulline, 3,500 of beta-alanine (which can cause a tingly feeling), and 1,500mg of agmatine sulfate.

Wrecked contains 1,500mg of l-tyrosine and 600mg of lion’s mane mushrooms, which both may help with focus during your lifts. It’s all rounded out with a hit of 10mg of black pepper extract, which can help make all of these ingredients more absorbable by the body. With the four flavor choices — Peach Ring, Bomb Popsicle, Rainbow Burst, and Raspberry Mojito — the hardest thing you’ll do is pick the flavor that best suits you. The only downside to this supp is it’s only available in 20-serving containers, which means you’ll pay a higher price than some others on the market.

Best Overall

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements whey isolate and concentrate blend has a minimum of 23 grams of protein per serving. It has the helpful addition of 5g of BCAA, which may help with better recovery.

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Huge Supplements Wrecked Should Be Good For

  • Anyone who wants a robust ingredient list with high dosages. This product has 17 ingredients, and each one has an effective dosage (like the 8,000mg of citrulline).
  • Folks who want ingredients for focus, blood flow, and energy as this pre-workout contains ingredients that can help with all three.
  • If you’re looking for a highly caffeinated pre-workout, this one has two types of caffeine and is equal to almost four cups of coffee.

Huge Supplements Wrecked Might Not Be Good For

  • People who are on a budget or who like to bulk buy. At almost $2.50 per serving, this is an expensive pre-workout.
  • Anyone who works out later at night may want to avoid the high caffeine content here.
  • Folks who want a more fully stacked pre-workout that contains extras like creatine.

Huge Supplements pre-workout has 17 highly dosed and effective ingredients that may promote some seriously intense workouts. With tons of caffeine, ingredients for focus and blood flow, as well as tasty and unique flavor options, the only downside is that this high-quality formula is reflected in the price tag.

Best Pre-Workout for Building Muscle

Although most people tend to think of creatine or protein when it comes to building muscle, your pre-workout may have the ability to assist your goal to get huge. At least that’s true if you opt for Swolverine PRE.

Swolverine PRE

Swolverine PRE is a non-stimulant pre-workout that contains eight ingredients that are designed to delay muscle fatigue, provide a solid pump, and help you achieve muscle gains. This formula has 5,000mg of citrulline malate, which has been suggested in one study to improve athletic performance and to decrease muscle soreness after a workout. (1) The benefit of decreased muscle soreness means you’ll be back in the gym sooner and working out harder. Beta-alanine is well known for its tingly effect on the body. That’s because it is a vasodilator and may improve blood flow throughout your workout to deliver more blood to pump up your muscles — this formula has 3,200mg per serving.

With 2,500mg of betaine, this formula may also improve upper and lower body muscular endurance, which might allow you to work harder and increase your time moving heavy weight to build muscle. (2) The addition of the amino acids carnitine and taurine might be helpful for muscle growth as well, as amino acids are the foundation of muscle. This supp comes in a Mango Lemonade flavor, has 25 servings per container, but is still more expensive than some others on our list at around $2.00 per serving.

Best for Building Muscle

Swolverine PRE

Swolverine PRE Should Be Good For

  • Those who are looking to gain muscle and want a pre-workout with ingredients like citrulline, betaine, and amino acids, which may help you achieve muscle growth.
  • Athletes who want a stim-free pre-workout.
  • Those who enjoy ingredients that may delay muscle fatigue will appreciate the 5,000mg of citrulline malate present.

Swolverine PRE Might Not Be Good For

  • Anyone who wants more flavors to choose from will want to look at other options.
  • Folks who are on a budget can find a cheaper option on this list.
  • Those who want to bulk buy their pre-workout as this product only comes in 25-serving tubs.

With a formula that has high dosages, ingredients that may help combat DOMS, amino acids which may help rebuild muscles, and blood-flow agents, this supp from Swolverine is a pre-workout designed with building muscle mass in mind.

Best Pre-Workout for Weight Loss

When your goal is to drop some weight, you shouldn’t have to compromise and consume an unflavored or gross tasting pre-workout. This pick was designed with pre-workout staples like caffeine and carnitine, as well as potential fat-burning ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar, capsicum, and CaloriBurn GP©.

Kaged Clean Burn

For many, losing weight or burning fat is a top goal in the gym. Even if it isn’t your main goal, getting a little more shredded may sound pretty sweet to you. This pre-workout was crafted with potentially fat-burning ingredients like apple cider vinegar, chromium, caffeine, guayasa, capsicum, and grains of paradise.

It also includes amino acid l-carnitine l-tartrate, which has been suggested in studies to delay muscle fatigue, reduce muscle weakness, increase fatty acid oxidation, and provide antioxidant properties. (3) This formula also includes amino acid l-tyrosine, and coconut fruit powder (which may help with hydration due to its electrolyte content).

This formula has 400mcg of chromium, which has been linked to increased lean body mass and decreased body fat percentage. (4) While guayusa is very high in caffeine content, its effects may include a decrease in body weight, and lowered triglyceride content. (5) Although many may be wary of fat-burning products, Kaged has been third-party tested and Informed-Sports Certified, meaning this product is tested by a globally recognized standard as being safe for athletes.

This pre-workout comes in an Orange Mango flavor, and although it isn’t the most expensive pre-workout on our list, it still comes in at around $1.50 per serving, which isn’t the cheapest. If you’re looking for a supplement that will help you push through tough workouts, while aiding in your fat-burning goals, this may be a great option for you.

Best for Weight Loss

Kaged Clean Burn

Kaged Clean Burn Should Be Good For

  • Those who want a pre-workout with eight potential fat burning ingredients like caffeine and chromium.
  • People who value third-party testing and want to be sure their pre-workout is safe to use as an athlete.
  • Folks who want hydrating ingredients in their pre-workout will like the coconut fruit powder added to this formula.

Kaged Clean Burn Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who are sticking to a budget can find a pre-workouts that costs less than $1.50 per serving.
  • Folks who want something outside of Orange Mango as a flavor option.
  • Athletes who are bulking do not need the potential fat burning ingredients here.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and with Kaged Clean Burn, you can still enjoy a delicious pre-workout that won’t oppose your goals. It provides some traditional pre-workout staples, like caffeine and amino acids, along with potential fat burning ingredients, like chromium and apple cider vinegar.

Best Pre-Workout for the Money

This pre-workout is stacked with heaps of helpful pre-workout ingredients — like beta-alanine, BCAAs, caffeine, and electrolytes — to assist you while you crush your workouts. Two added perks: You have 11 flavors to choose from, and you’ll definitely get the best bang for your buck at this price point.

Transparent Labs Bulk

With 11 flavors to choose from and a boastable ingredients list, Transparent Labs Bulk is one of our favorite affordable pre-workouts for its effective and highly dosed ingredients. You’ll find some of the more common pre-workout ingredients here, such as 210mg of caffeine, 4,000mg of beta-alanine, 4,000mg of BCAAs, and 1,000mg of tyrosine. But you’ll also find less common but potentially very effective additions, like 25mg of astragin, which may help with better absorption.

You’ll find alpha-GPC in this formula, and studies have suggested that supplementing with alpha-GPC may increase levels of concentration and focus, making it a great addition to pre-workout supplements. (6) You’ll also find vitamins B3, B6, and vitamin D. Vitamin D is often used as a supplement to support bone health, but some studies have found it to be beneficial for muscular strength and postural health. (7). The formula is created with no artificial colorings, preservatives, or sweeteners.

The eleven flavors include Strawberry Kiwi, Sour Grape, Watermelon, Green Apple, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, and Peach Mango. This only comes in a 30-serving size tub, which equates to around $1.60 per serving, but the high-quality of the product and long list of potentially effective ingredients make this a serious bang for your buck.

Best for the Money

Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk Should Be Good For

  • Those looking for high-quality pre-workout that has a loaded list of ingredients, like caffeine, beta-alanine, and alpha-GPC.
  • Customers who want a supplement that they’ll enjoy the taste of. This has 11 flavor options to choose from.
  • Anyone looking for a stacked pre-workout that won’t cost over $2.00 per serving. This rings in around $1.60 per serving.

Transparent Labs Bulk Might Not Be Good For

  • Athletes who want an unflavored pre-workout option.
  • Those who work out later and want to avoid caffeine. This has 210mg of caffeine per serving.
  • Folks who are on a serious budget can find cheaper options, but you’ll likely compromise on dosage or number of effective ingredients.

Pre-workouts vary greatly in their quality and ingredient list. We love that this formula serves tons of potentially effective ingredients for focus, recovery, strength, and energy while maintaining a pretty fair price point. A bonus here is the lack of artificial ingredients in the formula.

Best Pre-Workout With Creatine

For those who are looking to gain muscle and strength, creatine is a go-to supplement to have in their stack. This pre-workout delivers all the desirables in a solid pre- while also providing a combined 5,000mg of two types of creatine to make sure no stone is left unturned in the quest for gains.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite pre-workout has their ingredient list organized by category — Pump & Performance, Power & Burn, Cellular Hydration & ATP Amplifier, and Energy & Focus — along with the list of vitamins and minerals at the top. In the pump and performance section, there are two types of creatine listed: 3,000mg of creatine monohydrate and 2,000mg of creatine nitrate.

Some people want to make the most of their pre-workout by making sure it provides more than just energy to motivate them. This pre-workout comes with creatine in its ingredient list, which is a popular and potentially powerful supplement that can help you gain muscle. One study suggested that the combination of creatine monohydrate and nitrate is superior to other types of creatine or nitrate and monohydrate on their own when it comes to improved bioavailability in blood and skeletal muscles. (8) Meaning, when the two are paired, they may be more absorbable and better utilized by the body in both blood and muscle tissue.

Creatine is well known in the fitness industry and often taken for its potential to effectively increase muscle strength and performance when paired with resistance training. (9) This pre-workout has a combination of 5,000mg of creatine along with other pre-workout staples like caffeine, citrulline, beta-alanine, and betaine, to name a few. It comes in a 20-serving size tub with plenty of flavor options, including Krisp Apple, Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb, Fruit Punch Glacier Grape, Grape, Orange Krush, Pink Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. The price point is around $2.00 per serving, but with the addition of creatine, it’s more like two supplements in one.

Best With Creatine

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite Should Be Good For

  • Folks who want a high-quality pre-workout with a dense ingredient list including creatine monohydrate and creatine nitrate.
  • Anyone who wants nine flavors to choose from.
  • Athletes who like stacked supplements will appreciate that this is a two-in-one combo of pre-workout and creatine.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite Might Not Be Good For

  • The budget-conscious won’t love this $2.00 per serving price tag.
  • People who want an unflavored option.
  • Anyone who prefers to take their pre-workout and creatine at different times of the day.

High-quality ingredients are a huge benefit of Kaged, but the fully stacked ingredient list that covers focus, recovery, pump, performance, and energy here has us sold. The 5,000mg of creatine — 3,000mg of monohydrate and 2,000mg of nitrate — make this an even more desirable product.

Best Pre-Workout Without Caffeine

Maybe you go to the gym at night, or you don’t like the feeling caffeine leaves you with. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting to avoid caffeine, this pick has you covered when it comes to an energy boost via 1,000mg of Siberian ginseng.

Swolverine PRE

Swolverine’s PRE pre-workout is a non-stimulant pre- that still offers a boost of energy through 1,000mg of Siberian ginseng. One study states that outside of providing natural energy, eight weeks of supplementing with Siberian ginseng may enhance cardiovascular and endurance capacity. (10) This formula contains 5,000mg of citrulline malate, 3,200mg of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 2,500mg of betaine, 1,500mg of carnitine, 1,200mg of taurine, 1,000mg of coconut water powder, and 500mg of pomegranate fruit powder.

The only flavor this supplement currently comes in is Mango Lemonade. We think it’s delicious, but if you aren’t into Mango Lemonade, this may not be the pre-workout for you. It’s also a bit more expensive than our other picks costing over $2.00 per serving. But if you’re looking to avoid sugars, this has less than one gram of sugar in total and no added sugar.

Best Without Caffeine

Swolverine PRE

Swolverine PRE Should Be Good For

  • Athletes who avoid stimulant pre-workouts, but still want a pick-me-up via natural energy sources like ginseng.
  • Those looking to avoid too much sugar, as this has less than one gram per serving.
  • Folks who want a pre-workout that contains potentially hydrating ingredients, like coconut water.

Swolverine PRE Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who want multiple flavor options will have to look elsewhere.
  • Folks who are on a tight budget can find other pre-workouts for a lower cost.
  • Anyone who wants a pre-workout that contains creatine.

Swolverine PRE pre-workout contains high doses of pre-workout ingredients like beta-alanine and betaine while delivering energy via Siberian ginseng — this ensures you’re stimulant-free but still not missing out on natural energy.

Best Pre-Workout for Running

When it comes to running, endurance, focus, hydration, and energy are some of the main factors you’ll want to consider when picking your pre-workout. This pick is specifically designed with athletes in mind.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport

Kaged offers a variety of different pre-workouts, and Pre-Kaged Sport is specifically formulated with endurance athletes and their needs in mind. This formula contains electrolytes in the form of 20mg of magnesium and 50mg of sodium, 500mg of coconut fruit water powder, and 2,000mg of taurine to help address long-lasting hydration throughout your long and sweaty runs. It contains 500mg of l-tyrosine and 180mg of caffeine, both added to potentially help with focus and energy.

They included ingredients such as 3,500mg of citrulline, which may help endurance and recovery. (11) This formula also contains 1,250mg of betaine, which may enhance blood flow throughout the body. (12) Lastly, present in this formula is 1,600mg of beta-alanine, which may delay muscle fatigue allowing you to run for longer. (13) Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport comes in 20-serving size tubs and is available in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Mango Lime, and Glacier Grape. This is one of our more reasonably priced options at about $1.25 per serving.

Best for Running

Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport

Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport Should Be Good For

  • Runners who want to potentially optimize their hydration with coconut fruit water powder and endurance with beta-alanine.
  • People who like consuming caffeine before their run will like the 180mg here.
  • Folks who want a plethora of fun flavors to choose from — there are five different ones here.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport Might Not Be Good For

  • Customers who like a bulk buy option won’t find that here.
  • Folks who want to avoid caffeine because they run later in the evening, or are sensitive to caffeine intake.
  • Those who prefer a pre-workout that is unflavored.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Sport is a solid pre-workout option for those who run long and often. With ingredients that prioritize hydration, focus, endurance, and energy, all at a reasonable price point, it’s hard to go wrong with this formula.

Strongest Pre-Workout

For some folks, the best pre-workout is the one with insane dosages and a stacked ingredient list. If you’re looking for something along those lines, you’ll want to check out Huge Supplements Wrecked.

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements pre-workout has one of the highest doses of ingredients we’ve come across on the market. Huge Supplements Wrecked contains 8,000mg of l-citrulline, 4,000mg of Hydromax™ glycerol powder, 3,500mg of beta-alanine, and 3,000mg of betaine. It includes 10mg of black pepper extract, which may help all of the other ingredients absorb better in the body.

Huge Supplements designed this pre-workout with focus, energy, power, and pump in mind, and their ingredient list doesn’t leave one of these objectives in the dust. The formula contains 350mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to almost four cups of coffee. Wrecked comes in four unique flavors — Peach Ring, Raspberry Mojito, Rainbow Burst, and Bomb Popsicle — and costs about $2.00 per serving. It’s definitely one of our more expensive picks, but the strength of the dosages, as well as the robust ingredient list make this a powerful pre-workout pick.


Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements whey isolate and concentrate blend has a minimum of 23 grams of protein per serving. It has the helpful addition of 5g of BCAA, which may help with better recovery.

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Huge Supplements Wrecked Should Be Good For

  • Folks who want high doses of their ingredients in their pre-workout. For starters, this product has 8,000mg of citrulline, which is one of the highest citrulline dosages we have seen in a pre-workout.
  • Anyone who wants a pre- that contains high amounts of caffeine to get them pumped up. This supp has the equivalent of almost four cups of coffee.
  • Those who want a robust list of ingredients that are geared toward a multitude of benefits like energy, focus, pump, and power. The 17 ingredients here may offer these varying purposes in just one scoop.

Huge Supplements Wrecked Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who want a caffeine-free option.
  • Lifters who want creatine in their pre-workout.
  • People who prefer a wider variety of flavors. This product has unique flavors, but there are only four to choose from.

Huge Supplements Wrecked pre-workout powder has 17 effective ingredients that can help with pump, energy, focus, and power for gymgoers and elite athletes alike. These ingredients all come at pretty high dosages and the formula includes black pepper extract, which may make all of these ingredients more absorbable by the body.

Best Vegan Pre-Workout

If you’re vegan and looking for a pre-workout to get you pumped up for a lift, a hike, or your sport of choice, Gnarly Nutrition has a plant-based pre-workout designed with vegan athletes in mind. With only five ingredients — all of which are fully vegan — this formula is straightforward and fit for anyone who lives a plant-based life.

Gnarly Nutrition Pre-Workout

Gnarly Nutrition aims to bring you highly effective supplements with a limited impact on the environment via their sustainable packaging and fully vegan pre-workout ingredient list — even their BCAAs are listed specifically as vegan. Their pre-workout contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and is free from gluten and soy. This vegan pre-workout has 5,000mg of citrulline malate, which may enhance blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and increase nutrient delivery in the body. (14) It contains 4,000mg of branched-chain amino acids, 2,500mg of CarnoySyn beta-alanine, and 150mg of ginseng. This pre-workout comes in both caffeinated and caffeine-free versions, and includes 180mg of caffeine if you opt for one of the caffeinated flavors.

The formula comes in three flavor options — Strawberry Lemonade, Mango, and Caffeine-Free Strawberry Lemonade. You also have the choice between a 30-serving size can or five individual travel sticks to take hiking, camping, or on the go. It is sweetened with stevia leaf powder and gets its coloring from beetroot powder. If you choose the 30-serving can, you’ll pay around $1.40 per serving, while the to-go sticks cost about $1.50 per packet.

Best Vegan

Gnarly Nutrition Pre-Workout

Gnarly Nutrition Pre-Workout Should Be Good For

  • Anyone who wants a vegan pre-workout that is also naturally flavored, contains no artificial sweeteners, and is soy and gluten free.
  • Athletes who value both caffeine and caffeine-free options for their pre-workout.
  • Those who like sustainable packaging. This comes in a can and Gnarly aims to be fully plastic-free by 2025.

Gnarly Nutrition Pre-Workout Might Not Be Good For

  • People who don’t like stevia as a sweetening agent.
  • Anyone who likes more flavor options will have to look elsewhere — there are only three flavors here.
  • Folks who prefer to buy in bulk as this is only available in five to-go packets or a 30-serving can.

Gnarly takes sustainability and its supplements seriously. This is a pre-workout that will suit the lifestyles of vegans, gluten- and soy-free folks, and anyone who cares about sustainability. Their pre-workout has solid ingredients and dosages, and sports a pretty great price tag.

Best Tasting Pre-Workout

This pre-workout has delicious flavors, and sometimes that can be the most important factor to get you hooked on your favorite supplement in your stack. Legion has caffeine and caffeine-free options with 17 and six flavor choices to choose from for each, respectively.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

Enjoyability can be a significant factor when it comes to taking your supplements regularly. With Legion Pulse Pre-Workout, great flavors won’t be an issue. This formula comes in a caffeine option with 17 flavors to choose from, and a caffeine-free option with six flavor choices. The caffeine version comes in Fruit Punch, Strawberry Margarita, Apple Cider, Arctic Blast, Frosted Cranberry, Blood Orange, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, Grape, Green Apple, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Sour Candy, Tropical Punch, Watermelon and Strawberry Kiwi.

The caffeine-free option comes in Grape, Sour Candy, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Fruit Punch, and Green Apple. Both the caffeine and caffeine-free versions are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and contain 2,500mg of betaine, 3,600mg of beta-alanine, 8,000mg of citrulline malate, and 300mg of alpha-GPC. These are all effectively high doses compared to many other pre-workouts on the market. This is one of the more expensive options on our list at around $2.25 per serving. It’s good to note that this pre- is sweetened with sugar alcohols and stevia leaf if you’re actively avoiding either.

Best Tasting

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Should Be Good For

  • People who want diverse flavor options. Legion offers 17 flavors in their caffeinated version and six in their caffeine-free formula.
  • Athletes who like the choice between a caffeinated or caffeine-free pre-workout. Legion has both options available.
  • Folks who are looking for a pre-workout that is 100 percent natural with no artificial flavors or colors.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Might Not Be Good For

  • People who are on a budget as this is around $2.25 per serving.
  • If you’re looking for an unflavored option, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Anyone who avoids sugar alcohol or stevia leaf, as both are included in this formula.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout is a versatile supplement offering both caffeinated and caffeine-free versions, as well as a wide range of flavor options for both. The fact that it’s 100 percent all-natural makes this pick an even bigger score.

Best Pre-Workout for Men

If you’re looking to pack on muscle, as it’s safe to assume many men are, this pre-workout has 17 clinically dosed ingredients to help support energy, focus, power, and pump for optimal gains.

Huge Supplements Wrecked

This formula from Huge Supplements contains 17 potent ingredients aimed towards supporting you while you crush weights and get huge. This supp has ingredients like 3,000mg of malic acid, which may enhance endurance and delay muscle fatigue allowing you to work out longer. As men tend to be taller and have longer limbs, this can be helpful to fight any early onset fatigue some men may experience. (15) It also contains a whopping dose of 8,000mg of citrulline, which may help with exercise performance and better recovery, getting you back to the gym faster. (11)

This formula also contains 350mg of caffeine to potentially keep you alert, focused, and energized through your intense lifts. Huge Supps isn’t skimping on any of the other common pre-workout ingredients either, like 3,500mg of beta-alanine, 600mg of lion’s mane mushroom powder, 3,000mg of betaine, and 1,500mg of tyrosine. Wrecked comes in four flavors — Raspberry Mojito, Peach Ring, Bomb Popsicle, and Rainbow Burst — and costs around $2.50 per serving.

Best for Men

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements whey isolate and concentrate blend has a minimum of 23 grams of protein per serving. It has the helpful addition of 5g of BCAA, which may help with better recovery.

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Huge Supplements Wrecked Should Be Good For

  • Men who need a pre-workout that contains ingredients that may help them build muscle will like the addition of malic acid and citrulline present here.
  • Guys who want a serious dose of caffeine as this has 350mg, which may help with focus, energy, and alertness.
  • Folks who want high doses of their pre-workout ingredients, such as the 8,000mg of citrulline and 350mg of caffeine per serving here.

Huge Supplements Wrecked Might Not Be Good For

  • People who want a wider variety of flavors to choose from. This supp only offers four.
  • If you’re looking for a cheaper option you may find others on the market.
  • Anyone who works out later or is caffeine intolerant, as the caffeine content here is the equivalent of almost four cups of coffee.

If you’re in the market to put on muscle (as many men might be), and you’re looking for a pre-workout that will assist you, Huge Supplements Wrecked has your back. They made this pre-workout with focus, energy, pumps, and power in mind, and each ingredient plays a different role in helping you bust out hard workouts, recover, and get back in the gym for your next lift.

Best Pre-Workout for Women

This pre-workout is specifically designed with women’s needs in mind. With some main staple ingredients like beta-alanine, tyrosine, and caffeine, as well as some less common, but effective ingredients, this is a pretty sweet women’s pre.

Powher Pre-Workout

Powher Pre-Workout has some important staples we like to see in pre-workouts, like 2,000mg of beta-alanine, 500mg of tyrosine, and 100mg of caffeine, which is almost the same amount as a regular cup of coffee. It also has some less common staples, but solid ingredients, like beetroot powder, which may help with blood flow, coconut water, which may help with hydration, and vitamins B6 and B12, which add a micronutrient punch. The addition of B6 and B12 may be especially important for women who take oral contraceptives as one study suggests that these levels may be affected by birth control use. (16)

Powher pre-workout was designed side by side with registered dieticians and is formulated as a pre- for women specifically. It comes in a Pink Lemonade flavor and costs around $1.80 per serving. They also have the option to buy two tubs, which gets you free shipping in the US and UK. Or, if you opt to buy three tubs at once, you get a fourth tub for free, free shipping worldwide, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Regardless of which one you choose, Powher may be the pre-workout you’ve been looking for.

Best for Women

Powher Pre-Workout

Powher Pre-Workout Should Be Good For

  • Women who want a pre-workout specifically designed with them in mind.
  • Athletes who enjoy tried and true pre-workout ingredients, like beta-alanine and caffeine.
  • Folks who want a pre-workout with the addition of B6 and B12, which may be especially helpful for women on birth control.

Powher Pre-Workout Might Not Be Good For

  • People who want a wider variety of flavors to choose from. This supp only offers Pink Lemonade.
  • For those on a budget, you will be able to find a cheaper option available on this list.
  • Anyone who is looking to avoid caffeine altogether.

If you’re in the market for a pre-workout that is specifically designed for women, this is an excellent option, boasting many classic pre-workout ingredients, like beta-alanine and tyrosine. It also contains some less common, but noteworthy ingredients, such as vitamins B6 and B12, which may be important for women on birth control.

What Are The Benefits of Pre-Workout

There are many reasons people opt to take a pre-workout. Although they aren’t all designed with the same goal in mind, the various formulas offer assistance for potentially better focus, energy, pumps, growth, and performance. You’ll find ingredients like citrulline, betaine, beta-alanine, caffeine, and BCAAs , all of which are fairly common in pre-workout formulas. Below, we detail some of the benefits a pre-workout may provide.

Blood Flow

Some people love the feeling of the “pump” that is associated with a good workout. The pump is actually blood that is entering the muscles and making it feel bigger and “swole”. (17) Ingredients that may help with blood flow or the “pump” in pre-workouts include a nitric oxide booster, beetroot, or even the addition of beta-alanine, which gives some people a tingly feeling in their body.


Whether you work out early in the morning, need a pick-me-up after a long day of work, or just need a little extra love in the focus department, a pre-workout can often help you remain alert and keyed in on your performance. Caffeine may be a good ingredient to look out for if you’re wanting better focus or cognitive attention, as well as mushroom supplements, or ginseng (for a decaffeinated potential brain boost). (18)(19)(20)


Preemptively taking care of your recovery needs can put you ahead of the game. Recovering after intense workouts or sports performance can set you up for success moving into your next workout, help manage muscle soreness, and even potentially aid in muscle growth and increased strength. Many pre-workouts contain BCAAs, which are three amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) that have been suggested to decrease DOMS. (21) Creatine is another ingredient that has been suggested to speed up recovery time between sets and between workouts by mitigating muscle fatigue and promoting faster recovery. (22)


A boost in energy may be just what you need when it comes time to workout. Day-to-day, energy levels fluctuate, and a pre-workout may come in handy when you’re feeling a little drained. Ingredients to look out for when you’re seeking energy from your pre include caffeine, ginseng, or Rhodiola Rosea, all of which have studies concluding that they may provide energy and help fight fatigue for the user. (23)(24)(25)


Not every pre-workout will contain strength-based ingredients, but there are some that may fall under this category. One of the main ingredients to look out for is creatine, which may have strength and weightlifting performance enhancing properties. (9) Another study suggests that supplementing with whey protein, amino acids, and vitamin D — the latter two of which are both common pre-workout ingredients — has positive effects for strength, as well as increasing fat-free body mass when paired with resistance training. (26)

What To Consider Before Buying Pre-Workout

When picking the right pre-workout to assist you, you will want to consider a few factors. Each person will differ in their needs and what they want to get out of a pre-workout, so we recommend you think about your goals, budget, dosage needs, micronutrients, and flavor preferences before buying.


Depending on what your goals are, your needs for pre-workout ingredients will vary. If you’re most concerned about getting a solid kick of energy before your lifts, you’ll want to opt for a densely caffeinated pre-workout that may provide the energy you need to power through. Some people will be more focused on achieving an excellent pump and better blood flow, which may be potentially increased via vasodilators, like beetroot or citrulline. (11)

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Others may be honing in on recovery, or strength and size, which would lead them to opting for a formula with creatine, BCAAs, or even vitamin D. (26) Whatever your reasoning is, you’ll want to choose a pre-workout that contains the ingredients that will aid you in your end goal.


When you add a supplement to your stack, you want to make sure that it will fit into your budget. There are so many pre-workouts on the market, and they range widely in price per serving. The ingredient list, dosage, and servings per container will all affect the overall price of the supplement. Our list here ranges between price points of around $0.50 to over $2.00 per serving, leaving some wiggle room between the two prices to find the sweet spot that works for your budget. If you opt for a pre-workout that has a robust ingredient list, you may end up paying more than you would for one with a less robust list. You may also see prices vary based on some factors, like whether the pre has an all-natural formula, contains additives, or offers high dosages.


Dosage is the amount of each ingredient that is present in the supplement. It’s always a good choice to look at the grams or milligrams present for each ingredient to understand how it might affect you. Caffeine is a great example of this. One cup of coffee is equivalent to about 90mg of caffeine, so if you’re looking for a small pick-me-up, 100mg or less of caffeine might do in a pre-workout. If it’s been a long day and you need more caffeine to help you get through your workout, you may opt for something that has 300mg plus, as some of our picks on this list contain.


Pre-workouts aren’t necessarily known for their micronutrient content, so it’s safe to say you shouldn’t rely on a pre-workout to meet your dietary requirements. However, some of the pre-workout supplements on the market do include some vitamins and minerals in their formula. Electrolytes are more common than other types of micronutrients — in pre-workouts, these come in the form of calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Some pres may include various B vitamins, as well. If micros are an important factor to you, you’ll want to look at the nutrition label on your pre-workout, or potentially consider adding a multivitamin to your supp stack.


If you don’t enjoy the taste of the pre-workout in your stack, it’s less likely that you’ll use it on a consistent basis. Whether you want a pre-workout that is flavored, unflavored, powdered, or liquid, enjoyability is key. Be sure to check the flavors (and the ingredients used to create those flavors) in any blends you are eyeing before making your final decision.

How We Chose Our Picks

We considered a multitude of factors when building this list to ensure all readers could find the helpful information they were looking for. We weighed the things like ingredients and price, but more on the specifics below.


Formulation is a major component to how we choose what pre-workouts make it on our list. We try to make sure we have caffeinated, as well as caffeine-free options for those who prefer a stim-free pre-workout. We also think about types of ingredients, dosages at which these ingredients come in, and things like vegan formulation. We have several factors to consider, but most importantly, we want to deliver a diverse list of pre-workouts that have integrity and that we have personally studied to make sure they are reliable supplements.

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Sweetening agents are something else we take into consideration when making our picks. Some people opt for natural sugars only, while some don’t mind artificial sweeteners. We wanted to make sure those who have strong feelings on artificial sweeteners had all-natural options, while also providing picks for those who place higher value on other factors over the sweetening agents used in their pre-workout.


We work to choose supplements that have proper dosages of their ingredients to make a noticeable impact on your workouts. Although there is an “effective” dosage of each ingredient, there are some that go above and beyond that minimum effective dose. We chose supplements that have a range of dosages, to make sure there is a fit for everyone.

For example, some of our picks contain high doses of creatine or caffeine, while other picks don’t have them at all or have more minimal dosages. Another example is the doses of citrulline on this list: We included solid pre-workout picks that offer between 3,500mg and 8,000mg of citrulline — all numbers in this range are safe to take, but choosing a higher vs. lower dose will depend on personal preference and goals, which is why we included both. And of course, please speak to a physician before deciding the dose that’s right for you.


Price can be one of the most important factors when it comes to adding a supplement to your stack. We make picks based on quality and integrity, but price is something we take into consideration to make sure there’s a pick for each budget. Our prices on this list vary from around $0.50 per serving to over $2.00 per serving. There are several factors that go into a price point for a supplement including ingredients, dosages, servings per container, and whether or not the formula is organic, all-natural, or contains fillers.

Wrapping Up

Whether your goal is to stay focused, attain a sweet pump, produce better blood flow, increase your energy, or assist with muscle growth and workout performance, a pre-workout can be a helpful supplement to take. Pre-workout supplements vary in ingredients, dosages, flavors, and price, and knowing what you’re looking for in your pre is key.

If you’re looking for an energy boost, opt for one of our picks with a high dose of caffeine. If you’re more focused on your pumps, a large dose of citrulline may help. Before hitting the market, decide what your top priorities are, and keep an eye on every ingredient list in your search. Adding a pre-workout supplement to your routine shouldn’t be harder than maxing out your squat, so let this list guide you to your perfect pre-workout match.


Do I need a pre-workout to have a good workout?

A pre-workout is never a necessity. If you need an energy boost, better focus, or help with recovery, a pre-workout can be a helpful and fairly inexpensive tool — but you do not need it to succeed.

What is the most important factor in picking a pre-workout?

This will vary person to person. Each pre-workout has its unique characteristics that make it better geared toward one goal over another. If your main focus is having enough energy to get through a workout, a pre- with added caffeine will probably be best for you. If you’re most concerned with offsetting DOMS, you may want something with BCAAs included. Pre-workouts are not one-size-fits-all supplements — they require the user to know their needs and pick their formula accordingly.

Who should be using pre-workout?

The short answer here is anyone who thinks the ingredients in a pre-workout (like caffeine, betaine, beta-alanine, citrulline, etc.) may help them reach their goals in the gym or in their sport of choice. We feel there is a right pre-workout for everyone, and if you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a pre-workout to your stack.


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