Like many of us, you may be adjusting to a new work/workout from home routine — and we know that is a challenge.

Beyond the interruptions, space limitations, and the occasional occupational hazard, the fact that you could be doing anything else looms large.

Given that we know your pets are already distracting you from your fitness goals, we made this list of funny working-out-from-home memes to give you a much-needed laugh while you get the hang of your home workout routine.

1. Procrastinators, we see you!

2. When you inherit your home exercise equipment.

3. Channeling your inner goddess, all day every day.

4. Workout like no one’s watching.

5. Killing two birds with one…rolling pin?

6. Upward facing dog is kind of my specialty.

7. When you are the master of cow and cat pose.

8. Mama didn’t raise no quitter; she raised a cusser.

9. Wine not try yoga today?

10. Your yoga cup runneth over.

11. Yes, please!

12. Cardio, you are not my friend, but I’ll hang with you anyway.

13. The results are in, and they don’t lie.

14. I was made for this.

15. Mondays are for prone Savasana.

16. I’ll have what she’s having.

17. Dog apathy at its best.

18. When your workout video says last one, five times.