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January 19, 2023

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affordable treadmill

January 19, 2023

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a treadmill but are put off by expensive prices, don’t let that stop you from keeping up with your movement goals. There are plenty of affordable treadmill options that can help you add more walking or running into your daily routine. The best treadmills under $1,000 are well made, high-quality machines that won’t break the bank.

Research has shown that running, for even as little as 5 to 10 minutes per day, is associated with reduced risks of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease1. Walking has also been shown to have positive effects on cardiovascular disease risk prevention, blood pressure control, and depression2. Not only can treadmills help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home, but they can also help save you time (no more having to trek to the gym) and may be more comfortable than running on outdoor terrain, with less impact on joints. The net-net? Even those that are lighter on the wallet can be a huge investment in your health and well-being.

To help you learn what to look for in an affordable treadmill, we connected with experts Hannah Daugherty, NASM and ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach, and Lalitha McSorley, CPT and lead physical therapist at Brentwood Physiotherapy. Below, find their advice and our top picks for the best treadmills under $1,000.

The best treadmills under $1,000:

How to choose:

When choosing the best treadmill under $1,000, McSorley explains that, before anything, you should look at the size of the machine and its weight capacity. This information is usually easy to find on a product’s website. It is also important to consider how much space you have available in your home for a treadmill and whether or not you need something compact or foldable.

Whereas most treadmills work well for walking, they’re not all suited for running. “If a person is looking for a treadmill to run on, they should look for one with a higher weight capacity and longer belt length,” McSorley explains.

Take note of the features each treadmill offers. For instance, if you’re okay with a no-frills, compact model and don’t plan on running long distances, a manual treadmill could be best for you. On the other hand, if you want a more innovative machine, you might consider investing in a smart treadmill, or one with Bluetooth connectivity, programmed workouts, an app, or charging ports. McSorley adds that, overall, “the treadmill is an incredibly useful tool for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to stay active.”

While treadmills are highly adaptable pieces of equipment that can be used by a wide range of people, Daugherty points out that it is important you first speak with your doctor before adding in any new exercises into your routine. “The specifics of treadmill usage should always be discussed with your physician,” she says. “However, those who are dealing with any type of injury or recent surgery should practice caution.”

How we picked:

Each treadmill comes with its own set of features. Think: incline levels, maximum speed, tracking, display, Bluetooth capabilities, and more. To help you decide which treadmill best fits your lifestyle, we highlighted the features each one offers.

We focused on treadmills that are currently priced at $1,000 or below, taking various budgets into consideration.

Our expert’s input stayed top of mind when selecting the best treadmills under $1,000. We’ve also highlighted their personal recommendations.

We read hundreds of reviews to get a better sense of a large variety of feedback on each treadmill. Any negative reviews helped us identify potential downsides.

Our picks for the best treadmills under $1,000:

Best for walking: Goplus 2.25HP Superfit


  • 5-layer shock-absorbing tread belt
  • Can be used under standing desks
  • Phone holder and Bluetooth capabilities

Max Speed: 7.5 mph

Weight Limit: 265 pounds

Dimensions: 49” x 27” x 42”

Incline Levels: None

Warranty: 3-month

Want to walk more while at home? With a durable steel frame and standout folding capabilities, this treadmill can help you stay active, without taking up too much space. Use it under a standing desk for walking, but you can also run on this treadmill when the handrail is raised. It has a surprising number of features for a treadmill under $500, including Bluetooth connectivity, a phone holder, a high-performance speaker, and a safety key. A remote control (batteries not included) helps you to change the treadmill’s speed with just the press of a button.

Its shock-absorbing running belt is made of five layers: a wear-resistant surface layer, a compression layer, multiple comfort layers, and one for sound insulation. Plus, an LED screen is included to help monitor running data. Built-in transport wheels make this foldable treadmill easier to move, but the brand does note that it should not be used on carpeting due to overheating risks.

With over 4,400 5-star ratings on Amazon, many people agree that this is a great affordable treadmill option. One shares, “First, this treadmill is exactly as advertised—small, perfect for walking, and fitting underneath a desk. It is quiet and works very well. I waited before writing this, because I don’t think first impression reviews are helpful. I’ve had the treadmill for several months and have not had any issue whatsoever.” Others comment on the machine’s durability and how easy it is to store.

A downside is that this particular model does not offer any incline options and, although the motor is quiet, the tread belt can be noisy.

Best for running: NordicTrack T Series Treadmill


  • FlexSelect deck cushioning for a more comfortable run
  • Large running belt
  • SMART-Response motor to help prevent burnout


  • Assembly may require more than one person

Max Speed: 10 mph

Weight Limit: 300 pounds

Dimensions: 73.5” x 36” x 54”

Incline Levels: 10

Warranty: 2-year parts, 1-year labor

Both Daugherty and McSorley recommend NordicTrack as a high-quality brand with affordable options. The brand’s T series treadmill is great for running and has a large belt that allows for ample leg and elbow room. Additional deck cushioning softens each foot strike, which helps protect your joints. What’s more, each unit comes with a free 30-day iFit membership for streaming countless on-demand workouts, including HIIT routines and virtual studio classes. If you like to listen to music or podcasts while you run, the included auxiliary music port and dual speakers should certainly come in handy.

Those who are low on space can also rest easy. This treadmill features a space-saving design, and can quickly be folded and stored away when not in use. The motor is built with a self-cooling technology, which helps prevent burnout.

NordicTrack has a cult following, so it’s no surprise that this particular model has over 21,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. “I am a seasoned runner currently training for a half marathon and can honestly say this is a good treadmill,” one reviewer writes. “We’ve owned it for over a month and have had overwhelmingly positive experiences.” Others comment on the shock absorption, writing that, “I noticed a difference right away in how my legs and feet felt compared to running outside. It has been comfortable every night I have run on it, no aches or strains.”

Although this treadmill has plenty of rave reviews, people do note that assembly can be tedious and may require more than one person.


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Best smart: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill


  • Auto incline
  • Large LCD backlit display
  • Emergency stop clip


  • Speakers aren’t the best quality

Max Speed: 8 mph

Weight Limit: 240 pounds

Dimensions: 64.5” x 28” x 50.5”

Incline Levels: 12

Warranty: 3-year

Complete with a quick button auto incline and a generously-sized digital LCD display that shows speed, calories burned, and more, this model is perfect for those looking to make treadmill exercises part of their daily routine (without spending an arm and a leg). Its shock-absorbing deck means less impact on your body, and the easy-to-use pulse sensors help monitor your heart rate. Setting up and storing the treadmill is seemingly effortless, too.

Those who like to talk on the phone while they exercise can easily sync their phone via Bluetooth and answer calls using the built-in microphone and speakers. Each unit comes with an emergency stop clip, which brings your treadmill to a stop in just seconds.

Overall, customers say this treadmill is quiet, simple to set up, and is a great quality for the low price. People note that the speed adjustments are easy on the display and handrails, and that they appreciate the safety features for unfolding and folding. “I got features on this treadmill like the higher weight limit and speed that I only saw together in treadmills that cost $600 and up,” one reviewer writes.

While this pick does have many positive reviews, some do say the speakers aren’t of the best quality, recommending that they’re better suited for taking calls, rather than playing music at a higher volume.

Best folding: XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill


  • Large running surface
  • Fast assembly
  • Easy to move and store


  • Fewer incline options

Max Speed: 10 mph

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Dimensions: 63.4″ x 28.75″ x 51.4″

Incline Levels: 3

Warranty: Lifetime frame, 1-year motor, 90-day parts and labor

Ideal for smaller living spaces, this foldable treadmill has built-in wheels that make it easier to move around your home. Clocking in at under 100 pounds, it’s manageable enough to transport from room to room, but still feels durable and high-quality. It offers three incline levels and a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour, making it a good fit for either walking, jogging, or running. Handlebar-mounted pulse sensors and an attached book rack and accessory holder are nice touches as well.

This treadmill provides a smooth and quiet running experience, with a cushioned deck that offers maximum impact absorption and takes pressure off your joints. A widescreen LCD display allows you to keep track of important tidbits, including pulse, distance, calories burned, and more. What’s more, 12 preset programs are included for no added cost.

Currently rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, with more than 11,500 5-star reviews, this treadmill is most applauded for its easy storage and smooth running deck. One reviewer writes, “I was hesitant to purchase this treadmill, thinking you get what you pay for. But all the great reviews pulled me in to finally purchase it and I am not disappointed. It folds up for easy storage. I weigh 200 pounds and have no problem walking or running on this machine. The belt is smooth, runs quiet. I have had this treadmill for several months now and would definitely recommend it.”

Just note, some customers stress that it is important to lubricate this treadmill regularly to prevent and minimize squeaking.


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Best under desk: UREVO 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill


  • Remote-controlled
  • No assembly required
  • Low noise operation


  • Only goes up to 7.6 mph

Max Speed: 7.6 mph

Weight Limit: 265 pounds

Dimensions: 54.7″ x 26.4″ x 5.1″

Incline Levels: None

Warranty: 1-year

Make the most of your time spent at your desk with this sleek, well-made treadmill. The two-in-one model can be used under a standing desk for walking, but also for running if you pop up the movable safety bar. Its LED screen tracks distance, time, and speed—which can be adjusted by the removable remote control.

Even better, this treadmill arrives fully-assembled and ready to use. It also has a 2.5 horsepower motor that runs smoothly and quietly, so you don’t have to worry about excess noise while working. Wheels and a foldable design make this machine easy to move and store. It doesn’t offer any incline options, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing the best treadmill for you.

This convenient under-desk treadmill is an Amazon best-seller, with thousands of five-star reviews. One reviewer writes, “I love this treadmill! Exercise is not something I enjoy making time for, but thanks to this treadmill, in combination with my standup desk, I can watch TikTok or read a book while getting exercise at home and really enjoy it. It’s been reliable so far, I’ve had it for two months and have used it regularly.”

One reviewer says they wish this treadmill had Bluetooth capability, so if that’s one of your must-haves you may want to try out a different machine.

Best manual: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Foldable Manual Walking Treadmill


  • Doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet
  • Space-saving design
  • Quieter than other models

Max Speed: Manual

Weight Limit: 220 pounds

Dimensions: 49” x 23” x 50”

Incline Levels: Fixed Incline at 13.5

Warranty: 3-year frame, 180-day other parts and components

If you’re looking for a low maintenance treadmill that doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, then you may want to check out this model. This treadmill is manual, which means that you power the running belt with your own strides. Cushioned, non-flip hand grips allow you to easily keep your balance and the fixed incline (literally) elevates your workout.

Floor stabilizers help keep the machine balanced, and dual flywheels offer more resistance, which in turn makes for a better workout. Even though this treadmill is non-electric, it still includes an LCD digital monitor that displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, and more. It also folds up into a compact size, making it a good choice for those living in smaller spaces.

Available to purchase for under $175, people think that this treadmill is a great tool to have on hand for workouts without having to spend a ton of money. One reviewer says, “I wasn’t sure how good of quality this would be for the price but it’s a pretty good little treadmill. I’ve never been on a manual treadmill before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it is definitely more challenging than I expected. I really like it. It folds up easily and it isn’t that heavy.” Assembly also takes less than an hour, per Amazon reviews.

Although this treadmill has many positive reviews, one reviewer mentions that the incline may feel too steep for some, and it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, such as a cup holder.


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Best electric: Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill


  • USB charging port for phones, iPads, and more
  • 16 programmed workouts
  • Large 55” running belt
  • Can sync your date with your Strava account


  • May feel heavy to some (155 pounds)

Max Speed: 10 mph

Weight Limit: 275 pounds

Dimensions: 69.1″ x 35.6″ x 56.7″

Incline Levels: 10

Warranty: 1-year parts, 1-year labor, 10-year frame and motor

This brand has been making high-quality bicycles and home exercise gear for decades, so it’s no surprise this treadmill is so popular. Featuring a 55-inch cushioned belt, this machine is great for all fitness levels. It includes heart rate grips to monitor your pulse and an integrated charging port to keep your phone at full battery. Front and side handlebars offer an extra layer of safety, with a built-in fan to keep you cool while you workout. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

Through the brand’s Explore The World app, you can virtually “run” through settings all over the world, with the treadmill’s speed adjusting automatically based on each course’s design. Three free courses are available, but if you’d like to have access to the full app you must sign up for a paid subscription.

This treadmill has a 4.5-star Amazon rating, with customers raving about its features and durability. One writes, “Very satisfied with the product! Great value for the money. It is sturdy, I enjoy the fan, it is easy to hook up to Bluetooth, and the stereo system is great. I recommend this purchase. I also purchased an in-home set up plan. The technicians were very friendly and professional.”

However, some reviews do mention that this model is fairly heavy, which may be an issue for those looking for a treadmill they can easily move around the room.


Is an inexpensive treadmill going to last?

How long an inexpensive treadmill lasts depends on each individual model. Be sure to do your research, know exactly what features and specs you are looking for, and also be mindful of the warranty offered.

What is the best treadmill for walking?

Per Daugherty, most treadmills on the market today are suitable for walking, and those with bigger motors tending to be better for avid runners, “In general, you want to look for a treadmill with enough belt space for you to move comfortably, and have adequate cushioning to support your joints as you walk,” says Daugherty.

Is 10 minutes on the treadmill per day enough?

Daugherty says even 10 minutes a day on a treadmill can have positive benefits to your health. “If you’re brand new to exercise, then starting small, even with 10 minutes at a time, is ideal,” she says. “However, over time you’ll  want to increase your time spent on the treadmill, in order to decrease the rate of adaptation while also reaping more health benefits.”

The takeaway.

An affordable treadmill is a great way to stay active without spending a ton of money. Many options are foldable and compact enough for smaller living spaces, too. If you’re still not sure which model is best for you, continue browsing our top picks for best manual treadmills and best under desk treadmills.