Short on time but still want to get in a great full-body kettlebell workout? Enter kettlebell complexes, a series of kettlebell exercises strung together without rest to work multiple muscles in little time.

In this video, the final installment in Sweat With SELF’s new kettlebells series, you’ll complete an advanced, full-body workout that will have you building on foundational moves to create kettlebell complexes for an even bigger challenge. Lee Jimenez, a certified kettlebell level 1 instructor and ACE-certified personal trainer, and ACE-certified personal trainer Tiffany Ragozzino will take you through the routine, which will work the quads, hamstrings, and glutes in your lower body, as well as the shoulders, triceps, and biceps in your upper body.

After a solid warm-up, which includes exercises like the squat and reach, lateral cross-body stretch, downward dog to plank, and good morning, you’ll get into your workout. The routine includes two groupings of four kettlebell exercises, which you’ll perform for 30 seconds each. As you go through each group, the kettlebell complexes will become more, well, complex. For instance, in the first grouping of moves, you’ll begin with the deadlift. Your second exercise will be the deadlift to clean, which will be followed by the deadlift to clean to squat. Then for your final exercise, you’ll complete the deadlift to clean to squat to biceps curl. You’ll finish off your round with an even bigger challenge: Sixty seconds of the final exercise, which brings everything you’ve done earlier in the grouping all together!

Your second grouping will follow the same pattern. You’ll begin with the kettlebell swing and follow it with a kettlebell swing to clean. Then you’ll perform a kettlebell swing to clean to overhead press, before ending with a kettlebell swing to clean to overhead press to alternating reverse lunge. Again, you’ll finish up with 60 seconds of that most advanced kettlebell complex.

Added bonus? Along with working multiple muscle groups, these kettlebell complexes also challenge your mind too, since stringing the exercises together requires a great deal of focus—especially as the complex becomes longer!

Including warm-up and cool-down, this full-body kettlebell workout will be done in less than 20 minutes, making it the ideal choice when you don’t have a ton of time but want to get in some total-body movement.

This workout is great for advanced exercisers, but if you’re new to kettlebells, you may want to try some more beginner-friendly routines first, like the 4-Move Kettlebell Circuit to Work Your Butt and Legs or a Quick Upper-Body Kettlebell Circuit.