Suboptimal methylation due to MTHFR gene variations is one of the most prevalent health concerns in the country, affecting over 50% of the U.S. population—and yet, it’s one of the least discussed health issues, even among health care providers. At mbg, we’ve decided it’s time to break the silence and spread awareness about this common genetic disposition that broadly affects Americans.

But what are methylation and the MTHFR gene, anyway? Methylation is an essential biochemical process that affects (no exaggeration) every cell and system in the body. The MTHFR gene is a key player in the methylation cycle. It codes for the MTHFR enzyme, which converts folate (from food) and folic acid (from fortified foods and certain kinds of supplements) into the active 5-MTHF form that is needed to keep the folate, methionine, and ultimately methylation cycles all running smoothly.* 

As mbg’s vice president of scientific affairs Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, explains in a musical analogy, methylation is like a beautiful symphony when it’s healthy and optimized. However, when individuals have an MTHFR gene variation, their body isn’t able to convert folate and folic acid into the bioactive 5-MTHF form as easily, which is a lot like if a large portion of the string section of an orchestra were off rhythm and unable to play along in sync with the rest of the instruments. 

In musical terms, the MTHFR gene variations mean that “Try as the strings may, their timing is off, and they can’t achieve the intended collective sound to support the other sections of the orchestra (folate and methionine cycles) and achieve the beautiful, optimized symphony (methylation),” explains Ferira.

From a biological standpoint, suboptimal methylation can lead to unchecked homocysteine levels and have profound implications for cardiovascular health, the central nervous system, detoxification pathways, reproductive health, and more—and those with an MTHFR gene variant are more prone to these health concerns.

The good news is that there’s a fairly simple and effective solution for those who are genetically predisposed to subpar folate metabolism and methylation. Taking a high-quality, targeted supplement with 5-MTHF (aka bioactive folate) can overcome the MTHFR enzyme’s inefficiency to convert folate or folic acid, thereby continuing the methylation cycle and keeping homocysteine levels in check.* 

We created methylation support+ to deliver an efficacious daily dose of 5-MTHF, so that folks with an MTHFR gene variation can bolster their methylation cycle and maintain healthy homocysteine levels.* With a specifically dosed array of bioactive B vitamins (including riboflavin, B6, methylated folate, and B12) plus methyl donor and homocysteine-converting betaine, methylation support+ is the very first nutrigenomics-inspired product in our lineup of supplements.* 

This gene-focused formula is designed to promote whole-body health and deliver comprehensive support to individuals whose MTHFR enzymes are, well, unique. We’re incredibly proud of this high-quality supplement and its ability to bolster healthy methylation cycles for those who need a little nutritional support.*

Thanks to the importance of healthy methylation function for heart, brain, and reproductive health, this innovative formula is catching the attention of world-class health experts as well.* If you have an MTHFR gene variation yourself, keep reading to discover what leaders in women’s health, family medicine, reproductive health, hormones, and nutrition have to say about mbg’s gene-focused methylation support solution.*

“Within months of supplementation, my methylation function and homocysteine levels were stellar.”

“Cardiovascular issues run in my family, so I wanted to get more sophisticated around health testing in my 40s. Since I felt fine, I was shocked to discover I had suboptimal methylation and the MTHFR gene variant. Within months of targeted supplementation with a specific array of bioactive B vitamins and betaine, my methylation function and homocysteine levels were stellar. I believe methylation is the biggest silent issue when it comes to our health and longevity. It feels like this formula saved my life, and I’m beyond grateful that I’m here to tell this story to bring you the product I am most proud of, methylation support+.”*

Jason Wachob, mbg co-founder & co-CEO

“This is the complex I recommend for daily methylation support because it’s optimized for bioactivity and efficacy.”

“As a physician who practices a holistic approach to health, unique genetic differences and optimizing methylation are top of mind for me and directly impact how I care for my clients. The MTHFR gene variant is extremely common in the U.S. and globally yet ignored by most. mbg’s methylation support+ is thankfully changing that conversation. From cellular health to cardio- and neuroprotective benefits and even epigenetic power, this specialized bioactive B complex is the complex I recommend for daily methylation support because it’s optimized for bioactivity and efficacy.”*

Madiha Saeed, M.D., family medicine physician

“Methylfolate—a critical nutrient to support individuals with MTHFR gene variants.”

“As an integrative dietitian supporting women with complex metabolic needs, the world of genetics and bio-individuality directly informs personalized care plans. It makes sense to address issues unique to one’s own genes and biochemistry. I love that mbg’s methylation support+ smartly combines active methylfolate—a critical nutrient to support individuals with MTHFR gene variants—plus other essential cofactors for methylation and whole-body pathways. Combining these nutrients into one daily product makes it easy to stick to and experience health improvements!”*

Whitney Crouch, RDN, CLT, integrative registered dietitian

“There are a number of different forms of vitamin B9, but only one — methylfolate — is biologically active.” 

“As an expert in folate, I want to focalize a term that we hear often in the conversation around nutrition, and that is ‘bioactive.’ To explain the importance of bioactivity, vitamin B9 (aka folate) is a perfect example. There are a number of different forms of vitamin B9, but only one—methylfolate—is biologically active. The other forms have to be converted into the active one. mbg’s methylation support+ takes full advantage of this scientific fact by providing Quatrefolic® methylfolate, leading the targeted formula for methylation and health.”*

Silvia Pisoni, Ph.D., reproduction & women’s health global manager at Gnosis by Lesaffre

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.