Fitness fans who enjoy quick HIIT classes as much as extra-long stretching sessions, listen up: The new Lululemon workout mat, on sale today, is the do-it-all, not-quite-a-yoga-mat you’ve been dreaming about. Lululemon yoga mats are widely regarded as some of the best yoga mats on the market so we’re excited to see a new type of workout mat from the brand. 

Made of durable, eco-friendly materials derived from recycled windshield wipers, this exercise mat from the yoga instructor-approved brand is made for high-intensity exercise. Like a standard, non-slip yoga mat, it has a textured, grippy feel that provides traction and stability throughout your workout, even if you’re making lateral movements. Unlike a yoga mat, it’s highly abrasion-resistant, so you can feel free to wear sneakers on it without worrying about damaging the top layer. And, for all those heavy sweaters out there, it even has a closed-cell construction to prevent moisture from building up and creating mildew.

At six millimeters thick, The Workout Mat, as it’s officially known, is cushioning and shock absorbing, so you can feel nimble during cardio routines and supported during floor sequences. If you enjoy on-the-go exercise, don’t let that thickness fool you: Lulu designed this mat to weigh less than its range of yoga mats for easy portability. So, whether you prefer home workouts or the yoga studio, indoor settings, or the park, the Lululemon Workout Mat can come along in a tote or carrying strap. 

While you can use The Workout Mat for pilates or yoga practice (we bet its stickiness comes in handy for downward dog pose), don’t overlook the existing range of Lululemon yoga mats. There’s The Mat, a high-quality mat with a natural rubber base that yoga teachers recommend for everything from Yin yoga to vinyasa flows to sweaty hot yoga classes (don’t forget your yoga towel for the latter). There’s also the ultralight (Un) Mat and the packable Carry Onwards travel yoga mat, both of which are great if you need to commute with your mat.

Whether you’re a yogi looking to try new workouts, a HIIT fan who’s worn out their standard rubber yoga mat, or someone shopping for the perfect yogi gift for their fitness enthusiast friends, the newly launched Workout Mat from Lululemon could be a worthwhile investment.

Lululemon The Workout Mat

Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat