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December 13, 2022

HigherDose PEMF Mat Review Hero with mat on author's floor with remote control and blue backgorund

December 13, 2022

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As an athlete and self-care fanatic, when I find an at-home product that helps put my body and my mind at ease, I’ll talk about it forever. The shopping editor in me, however, hesitates to rave too much about a tool that never goes on sale, especially when it’s on the pricey side. So when mindbodygreen was able to score an exclusive discount on this HigherDose PEMF mat, I nearly jumped for joy.

Over the past six months, this product has become a coveted part of my daily routine (even though I had no idea what PEMF was just a few months ago). The modality has been recommended and touted by athletes, biohackers, and wellness experts alike as a way to boost your health and well-being routine. But if you’re wondering what exactly a PEMF mat actually does for your routine, I’m here to give you the full scope—and reveal why you shouldn’t miss your chance to save with promo code MBG15. Plus, if you order by 12/15 you’ll receive it before Christmas.


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HigherDose PEMF Mat

Save $120 with code MBG15

What does the PEMF mat do?

You may recognize HigherDose from its viral Infrared Sauna Blanket, in which case you know the brand has the infrared thing down pat. “We built our business on the belief in infrared therapy as the ultimate way to detox, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and support muscle recovery,” says Katie Kaps, co-founder and co-CEO at HigherDose.

While the sauna blanket is the brand’s most talked-about item, it’s not the only offering. The PEMF mat is another popular pick with people like New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein, part of lifestyle blogger Lauren Bosstik’s meditation practice, and of course, my daily routine.

The PEMF mat utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to “recharge” your cells by sending electromagnetic waves through your body. These waves are delivered in small bursts, mimicking the natural healing frequencies of the Earth. It also channels the benefits of infrared technology with a low-EMF layer of infrared lights, which help the body with recovery and pain relief.

By marrying together the above-mentioned technologies, this mat becomes a true all-in-one relaxation and recovery tool. It’s great for boosting your mood, reducing stress levels, soothing sore muscles, and increasing your energy. Personally, I noticed some pretty staggering results after just a couple of weeks of use—results that have continued to build through months of regular use.

Photos of PEMF Mat unrolled & controller taken by author

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How do you use it?

The mat has four settings, each representing different natural frequencies—and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The lower levels are a bit more relaxing, while the higher levels help give an energy boost. Below, find a brief description of each. The frequency, noted in hertz (hz), measures how many times the electromagnetic waves cycle per second.

Level 1: 3hz – Delta Brain Wave is recommended for when you are feeling anxious and want to restore balance or to help prepare for a restful sleep.

Level 2: 7.8hz – Theta Brain Wave + Schumann Resonance is great for relaxation after being overstimulated by technology usage, or if you’ve been stuck inside all day.

Level 3: 10hz – Alpha Brain Wave helps promote mindfulness and wakeful relaxation and is especially beneficial when used during meditation.

Level 4: 23hz – Beta Brain Wave helps promote mental function, increased concentration, and improved memory. Not meant to be used before bedtime or if you are feeling anxious, this setting is like a healthier alternative to an afternoon coffee.

What’s great is you can use the mat as often as you want. Simply plug it in, give it about 15 minutes to warm up, and select the setting of your choice. The brand even has a smaller version, which uses the exact same technology and can be easily placed on your chair throughout the day. The larger mat is about the size of a yoga mat—and many people actually like to do their yoga flows on it for boosted results and grounding. Just know the mat is not light. It weighs 43 pounds and has about 20 pounds of healing amethyst and tourmaline crystals sewn into the fabric.

While the brand’s sauna blanket helps you work up a pretty intense sweat, the optional heat in this PEMF mat is much milder. And, of course, you’re not enveloped in it. That said, if you do crank it up to 7 (the mat’s highest heat setting), you’ll likely find yourself getting a bit toasty.

So, what were my results?

While at first I was mainly seeking faster muscle recovery during intense marathon training, I can’t ignore the immediate sense of calm I felt when I initially laid on my PEMF mat. Still to this day, level 1 and 2 put me into what some reviewers have described as a “trance-like state,” and the mat truly relaxes me no matter how much my mind has been racing. How the same tool does this and also somehow re-energizes me with just a few different clicks of a button, I have no idea. But I’ve experienced all of the above.

In terms of muscle relief, this mat proved itself as a useful part of my marathon training regimen. During the months of heavy mileage, I’d spend 20 minutes on the mat each morning and evening and felt significantly less sore than during previous training cycles. Research backs these results too, with studies showing a significant improvement in pain or stiffness1 while using PEMF therapy.

Also worth noting: On nights when I skip my PEMF mat session, I notice a dip in my sleep scores in my Oura ring app, with significantly less time spent in deep sleep.

HigherDose PEMF Mat

Save $120 with code MBG15

The takeaway.

A ton of brands make claims for products that improve your physical and mental health, and spending money on something that’s not worth the price tag or the time is simply not my cup of tea. The HigherDose PEMF Mat is one tool that fully surpassed my expectations, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an impactful way to boost to their mental and physical well-being. The only downside is the cost—but we’ve got a way around that with promo code MBG15 (over $150 in savings). Bonus: The discount works on the brand’s bestselling sauna blanket, too. Looking for a last-minute holiday gift? Order by 12/15 and you’ll receive it in time for the holidays.


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