4 Common Misconceptions About Supplements That Will Change The Way You Think About Supplements

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January 10, 2023

For years, we’ve chosen our supplements based on a stroll down the supplement aisle or a scroll on Instagram. We’ve followed trends, scoured Google, and copy-pasted what has worked for our BFF. The rise of personalized supplements has us asking new questions—like, what’s the best way to know what my body needs? 

These days, getting our personalized supplements through questionnaires alone is simply old-school thinking. We now know that our bodies are intelligent superorganisms, constantly sending signals about the foods and nutrients it needs—based on our inner ecosystems and surrounding environments. Supplements are one of the answers to that signal, giving our bodies what they need to help them function properly. But this dialogue varies from person to person. Luckily, we now have the at-home tests and incredible advancements in science and health tech to figure out our individual needs… So, isn’t it time to raise the bar on our supplement routine? 

Personalized supplements: Time to set things straight. 

Viome, a science-based, health tech company, is on a mission to do exactly that. Their approach to personalized supplements is revolutionary. Not only do they offer a plan that includes the most comprehensive, at-home microbiome health test currently available to consumers—their Full Body Intelligence Test—but they’re also changing the game with their Precision Supplements and Probiotics + Prebiotics™ so every customer gets a formula based on his or her own test results. In short, this brand is changing the conversation around supplements, and personalized supplements in particular. These are the four misconceptions they’re setting straight: 

1. You don’t need personalized supplements if you eat whole foods. 

We can’t always get the nutrients we need from food alone. Whether it’s modern agricultural methods stripping our soil of key nutrients1, the way we cook our food, or food processing and preservation—the nutritional value of our food is often compromised. Not to mention, we can’t always get the proper amount of nutrients from food alone—who can eat 5 pounds of blueberries every day just to get enough of one antioxidant? And even beyond nutrition, simply living in a modern world presents plenty of reasons for supplementing—from environmental pollution to daily stress to aging. 


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2. The recommended dosage for supplements is sufficient for everyone. 

Most of the recommended dosages for a supplement are based on what a “healthy” person would need to maintain health. But the amount of a particular nutrient each person needs is completely unique and should always consider their unique biology and current state of their health. Through their Full Body Intelligence Test and Precision Supplements and Probiotics + Prebiotics, Viome helps you home in on the root cause of those specific needs. 

Your personalized supplements journey starts with the Full Body Intelligence Test: the first of its kind to analyze your gut microbiome, oral microbiome, and cellular health. Instead of DNA, this test analyzes your mRNA, which is how your genes actually express. After your test results illuminate the health impact of lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress, you get your Precision Supplements. On average, they’re formulated with over 50 premium-quality ingredients, and in the precise dosages that your test results specify. To take the reins on your health from start to finish, you even get personalized probiotics, formulated with your most effective combo of probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers. 

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3. The more, the better. 

Viome’s technology allows us to analyze our body at a molecular level. From there, they match supplements and biotic ingredients to support specific health functions such as your gut health, oral health, cellular health, inflammatory pathways, immune system response, brain and cognitive health, and heart health.* A handful of supplements may feel like the most efficient approach, but your body is like one big chemistry set. The best supplement routine is one that’s precise and nutrient-specific! 

4. Supplements that are healthy for you today will always be healthy for you. 

Health isn’t linear; it’s fluid and constantly influenced by lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, travel, stress, friends and partners, hygiene, and lifestyle habits. For this reason, two people can respond in opposite ways to the same food or supplement—even if they have the same DNA (like twins do)! Viome’s testing allows for supplement recommendations that are relevant to the state of your health right now. And between their personalized supplements and even food recommendations, Viome can help you bring your body into balance.* 


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The bottom line.

As our knowledge about supplements evolves, it’s only natural that our routines should evolve alongside it. When it comes to supplements, four things matter: what you need, why you need it, when you need it, and how much. Viome Precision Supplements check all the boxes with a unique formula made of vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, fibers, and botanical extracts—precisely formulated for each individual based on their at-home test. Total body health is personal, and our supplement routine should be too!

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